Please tell me I was not cheated!!!

  1. I just bought an 05 sky work. When I got the bag I checked out how it matched up on ateliernaff...

    My concerns are that the tag does not have a metal plate, and on the underside of the tag, the serial number is above the MADE IN ITALY. Serial number checks out, but if made in italy is below number, isn't it supposed to be in lower case letters? Also, I thought newer cities, works etc were supposed to have metal tags, right? Please tell me this all checks out, the seller is well trusted!
  2. did you get it on eBay? send the link if you did. if you didnt post some pics!
  3. yea, post some pics. I certainly hope for you that you didn't get cheated.
  4. ^ This isn't the one that ended yesterday, is it?
    I would suggest contacting the seller first, if she is well-trusted then she will be able to give you a pliable explanation for your concerns. Maybe sorting it out in private is better when it's between 2 PFers just so noone's name gets associated with negativity, whether warranted or not...? Just my opinion, of course, trying to keep the peace:flowers:
    *Edit- I just realized that nowhere did you say that the seller was a member of PF- sorry!
  5. No, I would never discuss from whom, when, or where I got the bag, I agree it is not cool to air dirty laundary without going to the source first. I was totally just hoping someone else had a work from this year and could reassure me, and they did, thanks reassurerers! And thanks for the advice, Stylefly, I totally appreciate it!
  6. Can you post pictures of the bag so we can see what you're concerned about?
  7. YAY! I'm glad it all worked out for you! Post pictures of you wearing your gorgeous new bag:heart: !
  8. Thanks for all your help, you guys!
  9. Hi Reovi. I just got an '05 work as well from a very trusted ebay seller/PF'er. Anyway, it's got the metal tag, however, the back of the tag sounds like yours in that the MADE IN ITALY is in bold type below the number. According to aterliernaff when it's in bold type, I thought it should be above the number right? I questioned this prior to buying, but was told by a few reputable people who know their bbag stuff that there was some variation on that year's model with the tags. I was told it was legit and it definitely was from a reputable seller so I'm not too worried. Other than the tag thing, does everything else pan out as far as details, quality, etc.? You're probably safe given what I was told about the tags anyway....
  10. Yes, Benr, the rest of the bag is beautiful, everything matches up, and I do totally trust the seller. I heard there were inconsistencies with the work tags that year, too. Thanks for the input about your tag, that makes me feel better, too!
  11. hi ya b-bag sistas!!!!
    just wanted to let ya know any questions concerning your b-bags esp. if its authentic or not - please post it up in the correct thread! :jammin:
  12. hi helen! I did not post in the authenticate this thread because I did not want to post pics or the link to pics and give away which bag I was speaking about... I'll post there next time, I know better now, sorry! :smile:
  13. reovi, i have a magenta work, which is the same year as the sky blue... 05. it has a metal plate on the tag. the back has MADE IN ITALY in all caps. underneath that it has the number 1669, which is the the work style number. hope that helps, but it's very hard for us to tell you for sure if your work is authentic without pics.
  14. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
    no worries, reovi!!!! :wlae: i hope everything works out for ya!!! ***hugs***
  15. reovi, sounds okay, but if you could post pictures i think it would really aid people in helping you out.