Please tell me...(i know i'm stupid)

  1. Can anyone tell me what is this book for?:confused1:

  2. It is a pictorial history of Louis Vuitton... and you are not stupid..:flowers:
  3. so it include all product LV has made?
    buy from LV shop? can you please tell me how much?
  4. No its not a catalog of every product that LV made. It's more like a history book from where he was born, how he started in trunk making etc.
    A timeline of Louis Vuitton I think the book is 125.00, ladies correct me if im wrong as mine was a anniversary gift from my dh.
  5. thank you very much
  6. Here's a blurb from
    Book Description
    The first in-depth portrait of one of the world's best-known luxury brands, this elegant volume traces the remarkable history of the House of Vuitton, which has been making practical but stylish luggage, handbags, and accessories for more than 150 years. Written with full access to the company's archives, the book itself demonstrates Louis Vuitton's passion for fine design in a stunning array of archival art, historical images, product designs and sketches, and cutting-edge advertising.

    Author Paul-Gerard Pasols, former communications director and longtime consultant to Louis Vuitton, explores the company's tradition of quality and innovation in the context of sweeping changes in society, art, culture, fashion, and, above all, travel. Examining the life and times of the company's first three leaders-founder Louis (who invented the modern trunk), his son Georges, and his grandson Gaston-the text focuses on the firm's development under their guidance. It also discusses Vuitton's explosive growth toward the end of the 20th century, including the 1987 merger with Moët-Hennessy that made it part of LVMH, the world's largest luxury goods company, and spurred the expansion of its boutiques to more than 300 locations in 50 countries around the globe.

    About the Author
    Paul-Gerard Pasols is the former director of communications for Louis Vuitton and a longtime consultant to the company. He was editorial director of Louis Vuitton City Guide 2004-New York, a finalist in the "best guide" category of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.
  7. It's currently $265 USD on Amazon.

    Whatever you do, don't buy any actual LV handbags at Amazon! I can't understand why they are allowed to sell those godawful fakes. Grrrrrr.
  8. I just ordered it from Borders for $125.00.
  9. I got this book at the LV store and it was $125 before tax. It has some beautiful pictures in it.:flowers:
  10. with price hike it just went to 135.00 but is is awesome :smile:
  11. I ordered it from NM for 125 $
  12. i wanna get one too, thanks everyone