Please tell me I didn't screw up! Pewter Metallic Classique

  1. Please tell me you don't see anything wrong with this. I didn't--but there was pressure because it was one of these pay now or someone else may buy it first type auctions, so I had to pay before getting more eyes on it, which I would have preferred. Does anyone see anything wrong? I DID pay by PayPal credit card, so there's always that. I hope I didn't overlook anything. TIA.
  2. sorry-as i am not that familiar with the metallics, were more photos of the bag sent to you?
  3. It's not showing any pictures and it says gray first in the title?

    oh, it says gray metallic, but I still don't see the pics.
  4. Nothing wrong other than the fakeness.....(I am so totally kidding..sorry for that bad joke but i have a strange sense of humor sometimes....please forgive me :flowers: it looks good to me actually and a great great deal...but I'll let the pewter experts step up):heart:
  5. Scroll down to the bottom for the photos.
  6. The cards match my bronze metallic--and the bag seems to also, but I'm always naturally suspicious--please--no jokes about fakes--arghhh!!!--but--does anyone see anything wrong with this bag that going to give me agita and a lot of paperwork with PayPal?
  7. It looks good to me. congrats!
  8. did you request any additional photos of the hardware? it looks good with those photos so far
  9. Oh! If you think so, a sigh of relief. I wanted a better photo of the bales and the rivets. This should be okay, then? Yes? (As I ask for reassurance 100 times)
  10. Sorry, only joked cause I'm pretty sure it's not fake, a little joke to lighten the mood, don't be mad(i've been in the same position as you before, and it's not fun to wonder) The pictures look very good. I'll examine them again
  11. I have a pewter metallic....and the color looks kinda off to me.......looks like it has a slight hint of bronze in it....It could just be the flash.....or a reflection.....not sure....
  12. The buy it now was only $20 over the beginning bid and I thought by the time I got the photos, it would be sold. So, I took the plunge, even though I wanted better photos. But, the interior flat looked exactly the same as my bronze classique and so did the card and I figured if it were a fake, the material wouldn't be agneau, it would probably be chevre, because the fakers wouldn't know to make the distinction. So that was part of my basis for taking the plunge. But I hate when bales are photographed from this angle. Now I'll probably have insomnia until it arrives. (I've sold a few bags on ebay, but I'm not used to buying B'bags there--can't you tell???:smile: )
  13. i'm sure you scored a beautiful bag! we just wanna double-check on the bales and notches and such, right? ;)
  14. Oh--I don't get offended that easily--don't fret. It's just I think my heart stopped for a minute as I read your message--before I got to the joke part. Ah--but it starting beating again, so not to worry:rolleyes:
  15. i think it looks good but i am no expert. yay for you! what a great deal.