Please tell me I am NOT alone!!!!!!

  1. There is a thread where everyone says how their Significant other feels about their Bbags. I need to know, Am I the only one that hides things under my bed until the time is right? Am I the only one who never, ever, ever discloses the ACTUAL cost of a Bbag?? Surely I cannot be the only one!!! Confessions please!!:graucho:
  2. I will confess. I have a few bags lying around that my DH doesn't know about. (Which is stupid because he will see them when I use them). But I just think there will be a better time to tell him. If he gets mad, I guess I will sell them.
  3. We'll I've made it a point to never lie but I also feel that most of my purchases cost are on a need to know basis. I pay for the majority of these items with my own mad money (from selling other things on eBay) so it's not harming the family finances. When I can't do it myself (I'm a SAHM) I just tell DH I really need it. :graucho:

    Also, it pays to have a husband who's color blind. He wouldn't know a pale rose from a lilac anyway
  4. I used to do that for a long, long time. Now, I don't hide anything...........because I deserve it. I work hard and I'm not putting us in debt. :smile:
  5. I have never, will never, tell my husband how much a b-bag costs. Granted, i don't think that keeping financial secrets is a good habit to get into. But he doesn't get it and I can't convince him that I'd rather have 1 b-bag then 20 random things that cost $50.

    He's also the guy that told me to just go out and buy a new ipod when I thought mine was broken (turns out it was fine). I couldn't fathom spending that much on another electronic gadget:smile:
  6. My Mom told me to order my Bbag without asking my Dad first. He overheard her on the phone and asked her how much it was, etc. and he said "yeah, no worries" :confused1: In fact, I'm home for Spring Break right now & as soon as I got out of the airport the first thing he said to me is "let's see that bag!" and when he saw it he said "oooh nice leather" My parent's don't care. They'd rather me be into clothes & bags than into drugs or alcohol

    I even told my boyfriend how much it cost & he just kind of giggled. He thinks it's cute how I get all excited... maybe a bit strange, haha, but cute!

  7. Oh no, this is soooo ME! :p

    but usually he doesn't even ask the price and when he does I just say "you don't want to know" and he says "yeah, you're probably right"
  8. Also, it pays to have a husband who's color blind. He wouldn't know a pale rose from a lilac anyway

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. My hubbie has given in now - he just looks at them, shakes his head and says your call!
  10. HOT AVATAR GF!!! :drool: My husband knows exactly what mine cost but would never say a word. I have my play money that I work hard for, and he has his. He spends his on golf and motorcycles and I buy bags! :p
  11. I don't have a SO right now but I do have someone that will hopefully be that soon :shame: .....anyway he know all about my bags and how much they cost. He could care less. His attitude is as long as its my money who cares. I have a feeling that we are going to get along great.;)
  12. :whistle:

    Under the bed? No. Strategically placed around the closet.... Maybe.

    See, I don't place them all in one place in the closet, because then it is too obivious that the "handbag area" is growing... :graucho: He has given in a little from when we first met, depending on what mood I catch him in - not questioning the shoe shelves I require or when I mentioned the other day that I was thinking about getting some sort of free standing storage unit thing to put in our bedroom... you know, for extra (handbag) storage...

    Usually he just shakes his head, and he knows better then to ask the cost of a new bag... When asked where I got it... "eBay!!", is usually the safest answer that gets me off the hook and ends any further questioning...
  13. You are sOOOOO not alone!!! My fiance' always knew how much bbags cost b/c he bought me my first one, he just never knew that a girl needs more than 1 (or 20). He is afraid for us to have a joint account when we get married in November b/c he thinks I will spend it all on bags. He isn't entirely wrong:shrugs:
  14. My mom always does this, hehe
  15. Z&J, I am also a SAHM. My bbag situation is very similar, but my husband isn't color blind. He didn't know how much they cost until he bought me the french blue for our anniversary and almost died at the price. Oh well, I can't complain. He still bought it!