Please tell me how I did...

  1. Went on a Coach shopping spree over the weekend and picked up:

    Denim Print
    $398.00 (retail $598.00)
    Coach Outlet

    $241.00 (retail $358.00)

    $340.00 (retail $378.00)

    So based on this...did I do ok? I went kinda overboard, but liked all of these styles a lot. Haven't made a big Coach purchase since my Ali Leather Shoulder Flap which I got for a steal back in October for $358.00.
  2. Great job, anytime you can get savings on something that you love, you're ahead of the game! Enjoy your purchases!!!
  3. Sounds like an amazing haul!! I don't think you went overboard. If you like the styles a lot, why not get them? lol. I saw the scarf print shoulder tote in green/brown the other day, & I fell in love with it!! Enjoy your new bags!! :smile:
  4. Wow! Great purchases!
  5. Sounds like you got some good deals(especially that satchel!). If that's all you bought since october, you're doing pretty good(at least much better than me!).
  6. Good haul and good deals! Congrats!
  7. you did great! seems like you had an awesome coach weekend, haha

    and btw an ali for $358! amazing deal there for sure!
  8. Thanks all...I was especially pleased with the Signature Scarf Print in the green/brown because the style I bought is sold out everywhere. I have been eyeballing this since it came out (just love the colors).

    As for the Ali - I found it at a PX for less than retail and used a 10% off coupon.

    I have made other purchases since October, just not Coach. I found a Burberry Double Top Tote for $325.00 last month (PX as well) and absolutely love it.
  9. You definitely did good. I love the scarf print tote. I have the smaller one and it's great.
  10. congrats, post pics.
  11. Wow great deal on the Ali. O_O
  12. Great purchases! I think you did fabulous! The best thing is that you enjoy them! :smile:
  13. great purchases!
  14. yeah, post some pictures too!
  15. excuse me but what is PX?