Please tell me about Winsor Pilates?

  1. Happened to catch an infomercial for Winsor Pilates this morning which mainly featured a lot of celebs with great physiques. I'm wondering if any 'real people' who belong to TPF do this Pilates workout and if it really works?

    Also, is it fairly easy or will it potentially kill me? :P

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. I do it and it totally transformed my body. I think the tapes go too quickly, though, so I learned how to do the moves and now I do them on my own, at my own pace. I had much better results that way.

    While it's not as effective as working on a reformer, I saw a difference right away. I gain muscle fairly easily, too, but I look longer and leaner now, and clothes definitely fit better.
  3. ^^ I agree with you 100% Janos! Windsor Pilate's tapes are phenomenal!

    It is so easy most times you can't even imagine they are doing any good..that is until you see your body start transforming!

    Just start with the beginner tapes, the 20 minute workout :yes:
  4. I use them. I have quite a few. WHen you are good and consistant about doing it, there is a huge difference. Sometimes I slack off and it'll take a little while to get that tone back, but it really makes a huge difference, for me in my abdomen, when I'm good about doing it. Unforunately I've never worked on the reformer, so I cannot compare, but I'd like to take private lessons if I had the chance (lol and extra $!). I think the DVDs definitely worth trying!

    Most of the dvds are like 20 minutes so it is almost like I have no excuse for not fitting it in every day, and then tehre are some longer ones as well.
  5. I Was Very Lucky To Work With Mari Windsor A Couple Times, A Few Years Ago. She Is Amazing!!!

    DVD/Videos Are Fantastic ~ I Used Them First & Still Do. I Do Know Most Of The Work Outs Without Them. But, I Keep On Track With Them!!! :smile:

    The Only Down Side (WhIch Isn't Really One...Just A Little Thing)...If I Only Do Pilates. It Slims Downs (Which Is Fabulous!)...But, I Start To See My Muscle Tone Go In Different Places. ***If You Have Any Stomach Problems ~ Definitely Ask Your Dr. (Including Just Slight Acid)

    Otherwise, Top Of The Line ~ Fantastic!!!!!!! :smile:
  6. I love those tapes, the only workout tapes I will use.
  7. I have used her abs and thighs and buttocks DVDs. I love them. They take about 20 minutes a DVD. I have noticed a huge difference in my stomach, much firmer. My butt and thighs have not transformed too much but my shorts and pants do fit a little looser. You have to be consistent with the program and I try to do it at least three times a week as she suggests. I have gotten to the point to where I can do the program w/o viewing the actual dvd, so on vacation or business trips I do it too!