Please tell me about the Herbag!

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  1. Hi, I’m a total Hermes newbie (my first and only H purchase for myself was an enamel bracelet).
    I want to know more about the Herbag. I browsed the threads in here, and while everyone seems to have a Birkin, the Herbag is little to be seen. Do you consider it a “lesser” H bag?
    I am actually quite drawn to it – it’s casual yet oh so elegant. Can someone please tell me exactly how it works (what does the 2 bag in 1 mean, and do all of them convert to backpacks?) and what the best size is (I’m only 5-1)?
    The PM with the orange leather and beige canvas seems to be very cute, is it still readily available at Hermes? How much does it retail for?
    Thanks so much!
  2. Hi there,

    The Herbag is fabulous although I have a suspicion it may be discontinued - I haven't seen it in the stores for a while - some of other ladies on this forum may have better knowledge.

    I certainly don't consider it a 'lesser' H bag - if you love it, go for it. The leather and toile combination is oh-so-classically Hermes, it's light, is evocative of the Kelly, is intriguing in its design (swapping the two toile bags is fascinating because you see how well engineered the bag is). The 2-bag-in-1 means you get two toile bags of different colours (the body of the bag) which you can swap by detaching and reattaching the top of the bag (flap, handle etc). So you get two different looks in the one bag.

    Not all convert to backpacks. I think the backpack style is specifically a backpack of the Herbag concept. They are mostly like the one on the Luxury-Shops site LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Herbag, Handbag

    Something of this dimension may suit you - it's 30cm wide - Herbags go up to a travel size - there's one on Luxury-Shops
    LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Herbag, Travel Bag

    I hope that helps.....:smile:
  3. I like the Herbag also (have one in 37 cms) for its' classical elegant look. Changing the bags is not so difficult. In Europe you still see them at the stores in all kinds of sizes and colour combinations. I have heard rumours too that it may be discontinued.
    I think it is in the "Hermes Informative Thread" or thereabouts where someone photographed the pages of a Japanese sales catalogue and it is there that you can see the many styles of the Herbag, perhaps it is useful to you. Another good place to look is also Bluefly where you can find Herbags from time to time and of course eBay. Be careful though, the classical Herbag combinations have been faked.
  4. Welcome Chiaoapple! Personally I like the HerBag coz it's lightweight and casual and I like the fact that I can change the colors/size depending on what I wear. I think they are discontinued already. You may still see some in stores though....
  5. There were plenty of Herbags in the Paris sale this Jan - I wonder if that is a sign they are discontinuing, getting rid of all the stock? I love them although I didn't succumb at the sales, they were the larger size - I've always quite fancied the small messenger-style version.
  6. Thanks so much for the great information!

    I checked out some sources, and it appears the shoulder strap on the 30cm bag is long (18" drop) and cannot be adjusted. Is there any way of making it shorter?
  7. You can ask at the boutique if they can make it shorter and punch a new hole. If they have to send it away, that may be more trouble than it's worth (but they will give you a cost estimate). You can however also remove the shoulder strap and not use it at all.
  8. Actually if you want to wear the bag messenger style you can attach the straps at the ends of the pole and not where the handles are and it hangs just right as a messenger style length.
  9. Chioapple, the Herbag (30 cm size) was my first Hermes handbag purchase and I still adore it. I spend a lot of the warmer months down at my beach cottage and find the Herbag to be more appropriate than an all-leather bag--plus I don't worry so much about the effects of sand and salt spray on it. True, it takes a klutz like me a bit of work to change out the canvas bags, but I tend to just use mine in one figuration. Some complain about it being too hard to get in and out of, but I don't think it is more cumbersome than the Kelly. Last April, I saw a few on display at the Tysons Corner boutique, but my local boutique hasn't had any in quite some time. Good luck and welcome!
  10. I would love to get one but SF said they were being discontinued. I am drooling over the one on L-Z. :drool:
  11. Hi ladies - I'm new to the H forum too, and I was wondering how do you switch the two and how does it open? Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions. Does anyone have one that they can post pics of? TIA!