Please tell me about Lady Dior bags

  1. Congratulations on your first Lady Dior!!!

    1) + 2) The opening of the Lady Dior will soften over time so that it will be much easier to access your purse contents. As for a wallet, it may be helpful to remove some of the cards and bills that you don't need so that the wallet won't be as thick. This is good for the wallet as well. If you can't remove some cards, then I suggest that you use a card holder wallet and a coin purse, so you essentially have two wallets instead of one.

    3) There is a seasonal violet colour. But it's not limited edition; it will only be manufactured for this season. I think it is for Pre-Fall or Fall 2012.

    4) I would order the orange. From what I read earlier, the current tri-colour Lady Diors are pastels.

    The orange is also stunning! It really brings life to an outfit.
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  2. A simple answer & problem solve. I love it. Thank you. :smile:

    I want to get something that quite special because I already have a few safe bags. Orange is an option as you said, it really can bring life to an outfit. I'm exploring my options & really appreciate if you have any suggestions.

    The Anselm Reyle LD in purple is very special but I already have a violet LD, should I go for purple?

    The white LD with hot pink stitching is also a great option if it's still around (image borrowed from pinoko24)? Is it hard to maintain Dior white color bag?


    Exotic skin - I'll save it for my next year dream. :p

    Just wondering if there is any more options for me. Your suggestions are mostly welcome.

    Thanks :smile:
  3. Hi

    I am new here since I am a big fan of Chanel, I am falling in love with lady dior now, I am going to purchase a new fuchsia lamb skin with champagne hardware from the new season. It is more pink than the old fuchsia. What do you guys think?


    Comparing color between new fuchsia and prada peonia pink.

  4. What a beautiful, luscious colour! Get it get it! :nuts:
  5. Wow! The LD pink stands out more than Prada's. Go get the LD. Fuchsia and champagne gold make a gorgy combo. :biggrin:
  6. This white Lady Dior is adorable! I would totally get this! It should not be too hard to maintain as long as you make sure that you have clean finger/hands everytime you handle it, and avoid getting it in contact with darker colour fabrics like denim and leather.
  7. I love this side-by-side comparison. This Lady Dior colour is to die for!
  8. Is this from summer or fall collection? Love the color.
  9. It has been in Paris for 2 weeks ago so I think it is from fall collection. I will get it on july 9th, I am going to review soon after that. More pictures, miss dior and lady dior in the same color, new fuchsia.

    image-3669723852.jpg image-3610592275.jpg
  10. ^omg.. loooooooove the hot pink lady dior!!!!! :love:
  11. I love this new fushia colour! It will surely bring life to any outfit.
  12. love love love the hot pink color. cannot wait for the reveal
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    I find this thread most useful as I'm a Dior newbie. :tup: I'm planning on getting a black with GHW LD medium size for my mom. I have a few questions which I hope all of the knowledgeable dior tpfers would be able to help me out.

    1. Is there a caviar version of the LD, besides the lambskin LD?

    2. How well does the lambskin LD hold up? i see most LD owners prefer the patent versions but I think I would prefer the lambskin for my mom.

    3. Does all LD medium come with the strap? I've seen in some cases the strap is an optional piece which is purchased.

    3. Is the Lady Dior Medium in the UK still 1917 GBP?

    4. What is the product code for the medium LD in black lambskin and LD in caviar black?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Wow that's very sweet of you! I have answered your questions below:

    1. Dior does not have Chanel's "Caviar" leather. In terms of leather, the Lady Dior comes in lambskin, patent calfskin, calfskin (only on some styles), python, crocodile, and ostrich. Dior's lambskin is more resistant to scratching than Chanel's lambskin, but if you're worried that your mother may be more rough with the bag, then I suggest the patent Lady Dior. Patent leather is more scratch resistant.

    2. The lambskin Lady Dior holds up very well, but because lambskin is softer than patent leather, a lambskin Lady Dior will lose its shape more easily with repeated use than the patent version. This can be minimized if the bag is not stretched or overstuffed. As well, the bag should be stored with the tissue paper that it comes with to retain its shape.

    3. I'm not sure. You may want to check the Dior Pricing thread above.

    4. The reference number for the black lambskin version is CAL44551 N0 (from

  15. Many thanks for your very helpful answers, joe! I suppose the calfskin would be less "luxurious" as compared to the lambskin. but I will try to search for the calfskin versions in the forum; to see the differences between the 2 types of leathers. I would check out the patent LDs as well. Am just not sure on the patent-don't want anything too shiny as my mom is in her 60s and I don't think she'll like a too shiny kind of bag.

    thanks for correcting me on the term "caviar" :p