Please tell me about Chanel Cambon ballet flats...

  1. Hello,
    This is my first post here in the Chanel side. I'm usually in the Hermes section. I have noticed lately several ladies with these CUTE ADORABLE Chanel Ballet Flats (pazt, Cal, lvbabydoll). I was hoping that you wonderful ladies can show me some closer pictures of these shoes. Plus I have several questions:

    1.) Are they comfortable?
    2.) What colors do they come in?
    3.) How do you wear them (jeans, shirts, shorts)?

    Any pictures of these shoes would be greatly appreciated;).
  2. Anyway, I didn't see any lately in London. I saw some on sale last winter :idea: .
  3. Thanks so much Vicki! I actually spotted some while on vacation. Didnt get to try them on...called the store as soon as I got home and asked if they could ship to me. Paid for them, waiting to recieve them....I'm a very compulsive person:p. I bought the black with white, white with black, and pink with black. I was hoping there was a beige with black but I havent been able to find any. Also have you seen any Chanel flats that come in red? I've been looking for red ballet flats but found nothing I like.
  4. Hi, I have no photos for you but I do own a pair of cambon ballet flats in beige with beige CC's and they are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and vey well made and durable. Mine are scratched up at the front but that is because I wore them nearly every day for six months- I would say they are very durable. In London I know that they are only getting them in black with black patent CC's and black with white CC's the SA at Chanel told me that they no longer come in any other colour combinations. I would only wear them with jeans as they are more of a casual shoe and I did not think they go well with shorts/ shorts
  5. Ive been looking for the cambon flats everywhere...anyone spot any avail lately?
  6. The beige one with beige CC patent is so nice too. I have own a Black with white CC ( The most classic color :smile: ).

    The pink with black CC is totally outsatnding too. Great Pick and I hope you will be happy with your purchase. :idea:
  7. I have a pair of white with black cc, I only wear them in the summer, but they are sooo cute and comfortable. I always get comps on them. My SA, who is very current on everything CHANEL, told me they are sold out and not to be reproduced again. So I guess, if your lucky, you can get them on eBay.
  8. I know that in the UK they are coming in May but SA would not give me exact date, maybe they could ship it to you?
  9. Thanks ladies for you input. Yeah, when I got home I called the local Chanel boutique and they said they nolonger have them! I was hoping to get them also in beige. I'm afraid to get something on eBay cause I've had really bad experiences.

    Can someone please please take a close-up pic for me. Pretty please!
  10. I ordered a pair from Bergdorf 2 months ago, so they might have some left. They just were not for me so I returned them. They looked like orthopedic shoes on me :sad:(
  11. really? What color did you get if you dont mind me asking?
  12. Oh my gosh I've been looking for some! Where were you on vacation? Can I have the number to the place?? :nuts: