please teach me how to do

  1. hi ladies..

    i love shoppng...therefore i have more than 20 bag right now..
    and now...i face a hard to organize them and give them a sweet home...

    please give me some do you organize your put them into dust bag? put them in closet?...etc etc...
    i hope you can post some picture if you can...

    i am thinking about getting a newshelf for them..i really hope to get one with glass..just like the display in department store, but i am still a student..i dont have that much money for it..:crybaby: (most of my money goes to the purchasing:lol: )

    thanks a lot for your suggestion and photo..
    very appreciate for your helping...:love:
  2. I store them in their dusters and if they have boxes, I keep the bag in their box too, and then stack and label each box/duster. I have a room with shelves built in that I use solely to store my bags.
  3. Yes the link Lee put up is very good for seeing pics of storage etc.
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