Please talk to me and post pics of the Gustto Setela....

  1. I'm especially interested in modelling pics of the large in black, but I'll take any and all. How do you like the bag and what do you think of it as an everyday work tote?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm a big fan of mine (large in Caramel :smile:. If I get time I'll try to post pics, but for now I'll say that it is a bag I receive many, many compliments on! The leather is really nice and smooshy, but if you are looking for perfection it might not be for you...some of the leather is different in patches and the stitching is good, but not perfect. I adore that it has an outside pocket (inside has zip pocket and cell phone holder). I really do love it, and though it is a BIG bag, it is really light and molds to your body...I rotate it in as an every day bag. It is a dream to travel with, so I imagine it would be ideal for work. All in all (and despite minor flaws), I do highly recommend- good luck:flowers:
  3. Thanks much.
  4. here is a picture of my large setela on me, mind you i am about 5'5 but im a bigger girl if you are a very skinny lady it may overwhelm you a lot for me its even a large bag!

    That being said i think if you carry a lot for work it would be just fine, ive used it on a school day when i needed to carry a lot but it is quite big
    i am going to california for vacation and i believe i will use this as my carryon! :smile:

  5. Thanks, Bessie. How do you think it compares to the Botkier Sasha Duffle that you also wear so beautifully? Which do you think would wear better if used every day for a pair of shoes, some papers, a three-ring binder, a lunch.....THANKS!
  6. well thank you much!

    I think that the setela is even larger then the sasha duffle
    i think that the sasha nicely slouches so that if it doesnt have too much in it it doesnt look as big, but you can fill it up

    the setela on the other hand is large no matter what! :smile:

    I will take a picture of them both on me shortly! :smile:
  7. I got a setela and it was literally so large on me it looked ridiculous. My 2 year old literally crawled in and was able to fit! Needless to say, I returned it and got one in medium...that is perfection!
  8. Bessie; thanks. Do you think one would wear better than the other over the long haul?