Please talk me out of the Patent Beaton!

  1. I really like (maybe even loved) this bag since it came out and I have a Black Patent Beaton in my cart right now. It is 30% off - so $1382.50.

    I like large bags, so size is not an issue.

    Please give me every possible reason why I SHOULD NOT buy this bag.
  2. It's $1382.50 Plus Tax.
  3. You already have a black bag and don't really NEED another one. Plus it will probably go on sale closer to the holidays? I don't know, I also really love that bag and if I had the $$$ I would buy it. Not much help, sorry.
  4. are you kidding me? I heard it call your name!! lmao

    it might be locked in your head if you dont get. wow, im much help huh?
  5. Get it! (You might already have:tup:) It's a steal. I got mine for over 2K :sweatdrop:!!!
  6. get it only if you cant sleep @ night.. :graucho::graucho: