Please talk me out of my desire for a Crocodile Birkin.

  1. Dear friends,

    So I saw a 35 cm Croc Shiny Black Birkin today and suddenly it made my other bags and clothes, Birkins included, seem trivial. I wanted to sell everything soul included, to have that bag (perhaps not that bag, as I may want a 30cm... is 30cm better?). Please tell me why I should slap some sense into myself and realize that until I am at Trump/ Bill-Gates level I should not spend that much cash on a bag or a dress or anything of that nature... oh, but how pretty it was! I am already plotting in my mind as to how I can possibly pinch elsewhere to splurge there. Ohhh... I know another will cross my path and when it does, I must be ready. What is your opinion on the croc? If you like it, how much more so than a calfskin Birkin? 10x more? 2x? If you don't care for it...expand in detail...
  2. Haha...I can be of NO help I someday want the same thing!:graucho:
  3. What a great question! Some TPFr's have lots of Hermes bags, and even lots of Hermes croc bags. What you'd want to ask yourself, IMO, is whether you'd prefer to have a Croc Birkin more than having three non-exotic Birins. Assuming you buy a Croc Birkin from a Boutique and not at 1.5x to 2.5x over retail, that's about the cost.

    I like the ease of carrying a Togo Birkin, and wouldn't want just a Croc Birkin. That said, the Croc Birkin has a great deal more "punch" than a Togo. In my experience, it will turn heads and get you the best service. It's not worth going into debt for, though, so do be reasonable.
  4. I'm probably not of very much help here because I own a croc birkin. But ONLY one :p .

    Well, I hardly think it's worthwhile to give up on everything else just to own a holy grail birkin, KWIM? It's great to own a croc but unless you can see yourself carry a croc birkin day in and out, and for all occasions, then I would say it would just be worth it. Personally for myself, I'm mostly in casual wear. So I can't use a croc everyday. :sweatdrop:
  5. Personally, I prefer croc in Kellys. Also, this is a bag that you won't be able to take everywhere. It's delicate and requires a lot of care. NO water at all on it.

    I'd pass or get a small croc H bag that's more afforable (JPG clutch, Jige, the gorgeous used Plume on Jemznjewels) if you really want a croc goodie.
  6. Would hypnotism work?

    You no longer want a croc. Birkin, You no longer want a croc. Birkin, You no longer want a croc. Birkin, You no longer want a croc. Birkin, You no longer want a croc. Birkin, You no longer want a croc. Birkin, You no longer want a croc. Birkin, repeat to fade with optional watch swinging in fron of you or until you look like this:weird:
  7. I have a croc bag (not Hermes) that I saw in Switzerland and fell in love with - at the time. When I got it home reality set in and now it sits in the closet ...year after year. My life just doesn't fit a bag like that.

    Maybe you should look at other bags as a substitute and you'll see something more practical that is love at first sight.
  8. If you like to change your bags often and want different looks, stick with your current bags...if you(like me) love to carry the same thing everyday and want the absolute best then go for the croc!!!
  9. Go for's gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  10. hi TAOA,
    as i have just posted that i would like to own a matt croco birkin, i have to say it is a piece of art (in fact) to have it added to your collection. But i have to agree that it is not a casual bag and which you have to consider carefully whether it suits your lifestyle, work enviornment, social circle and most importantly your wardrobe. I would use it whenever i'm in Paris, even with tee shirt and torn jeans, but in the city that i live, i think i would not use it everyday. So, it is wise to keep an eye on and when it is the time, try to obtain a color that you truely love! for this year i think price is round 21000 euro for a 35cm croco.
    in my opinion, dont ever sell your H, especially Kelly and Birkin! you will regret it Big time!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. AofA,

    Set your sights and go for it!:yahoo: It's only money.....

    I don't rank with Bill Gates financially, either, but you can bet if I wanted a Crocodile Birkin, I'd figure a way to get one:yes: I've spent far more on other things.

    And, AofA, please post pictures!!
  13. If you love it that much I say go for it! Sell other bags, save money, hold off on other purchases for a only live once, so I think you should get the bag that calls your name.
  14. i am in exact same situation here....
    i want croc.i want to be able to use it everyday
    talking about money, if you really like it, i'm sure there is a way to get money
    my problem is that i'm in a country which rains ALOT
    and plus i'll probably get a birkin30...rather than 35
  15. If This Is The Ultimate Bag ~ What Else Do You Need??? If The Bag & Funds Are Within Your Reach ~ Go Get It!!!