Please talk me out of getting this bag....

  1. Have you try to contact your local hermes store? Talk to the sales, sometimes you can get a birkin in a few months time.
  2. That's about $3000 more than if you bought it from, say, Hermes in Paris. If you think the mark-up is worth not waiting 2 years then it's worth it.
  3. You could also try talking to LW and see if she will go down a little bit.

    It's gorgeous!
  4. If you don't want to pay the premium, you could always try your luck at the stores (or if you happen to travel international, in other countries)
  5. Japster I didn't think about that, I'll give her a call tomorrow and see if she's willing to go down on that price.

    Perja and Chloe The nearest boutique would be in Texas...
    I plan on going to Bal Harbor, but that's in June!!! :sweatdrop:
  6. oh starnova, i purchased a Birkin from that exact same seller several months ago. it was a smooth, flawless transaction and the bag is 100% authentic and beautiful. i paid $10k (her prices were about $1,000- 1,500 LOWER a few months ago!) :yes: which was around $2500 above retail, and i found it to be worth it in that there was no chasing or waiting and i got exactly the bag i wanted. i figured, if i'm going to be spending this much what is a little more? of course i was cut a huge check from an entertainment company that month so $2,500 was chump change and now $2,500 would be music to my ears to spend on Hermes, so it really depends on you. but i can vouch for her if you have any questions.
  7. I would most certainly not rule out alternative resellers. In this case, if I were in your shoes and really love this potiron Birkin, I would PM her (she is a member here) and ask her for her best price. It's good publicity for her if she wins you over as another satisfied customer. :yes:
  8. Croissant thanks so much, I spoke with her last night and she's so sweet and answered all of my emails promptly too!
  9. mrssparkles thank you very much, you are so sweet and helpful!
  10. no problem! and do not worry about authenticity, i think i've done all the dirty work on this end.:roflmfao: ask everyone here! i even went to Claude in NYC and just flat out ASKED which is apparently unheard of. and whats more unheard of is he actually smiled and examined it and assured me it is real and to enjoy it. even after i begged and pleaded with him to "just tell me the truth. i can take it. you can look everything over!" etc. and this is AFTER Manuela, the craftsperson in Beverly Hills worked on the bag by embossing my intials in it, which as you probably know, they'd never work on a bag that wasn't their own. not to mention there was a second time prior when I harassed poor Claude about the bag. I also harassed all the other established resellers, googled everything about luxwear including business license, asked prior clients, examined feedback, asked all the ladies here infinite questions involving every detail- i even won the award for most ..what was it..most determined authenticator or something. and Jamie put up with it all. anyway, my insanity has paid off i told Jamie she should cut me a check. or give me a free Kelly bag. either or. :roflmfao:
  11. :roflmfao: :lol:
  12. I love potiron. Have you seen the color in person? It is difficult to tell from the pictures how beautiful the color really is.
  13. I am not fond of the high mark up myself.

    I would make some calls to boutiques and try your luck. After all, you don't have your own local boutique. Stranger things have happened!

    If not, decide how badly you want that bag and go from there...offer a lower price at least.

  14. Wow...that price is actually not all that bad in comparison to some of the resellers! I have bought from a couple and paid the premium due to my lack of ability to wait it out...and impulsivity...I do think it can be worth it if the bag is right for you....and I also think you can work with a seller and ask for a slightly better price...good luck!