Please talk me out of buying a bag!

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  1. Probably asking the wrong people to do this BUT I'm lusting after a Mulberry bayswater. I love the look of it when i hold it but I don't NEED it. It won't fit on my shoulder over a winter coat ( I live in Uk so often have to wear a coat!) and I can't DO handheld bags with 3 small kids. Please talk me out of buying this bag!!!! I already have a Mulberry annie and Antony (which I love)
    Please point out all the draw backs for me! I haven't got endless funds to buy bags that are going to look pretty in my cupboard but not get used!
  2. Wait, I don't recall writing this!!?!?

    You are my twin, except I have 2 kids, not 3.

    I just posted this on my thread "imagine one handbag."

    Will buying this handbag change your life? Will it make you any happier? Or will you feel happy for a short while and then feel guilty or regretful afterwards?

    Is there something else going on in your life? Maybe you think if you own this handbag, you will become/feel sexier/hotter/not a "mother"?

    It sounds like you know what you "should" do. You listed a number of reasons why you should NOT purchase the bag. So, why do you want it???

    Maybe you should treat yourself to some alone time, get a manicure or a massage. Or take a walk ALONE. Get a cup of coffee or tea and read People magazine...

    Heck, you can do all of the above for far less of the price of that bag!

    Good luck with your decision. Believe me, I feel your pain and I can relate.
  3. You've listed pretty good reasons.

    Now add this one: Imagine the feeling of dread and sadness if you actually order and GET the bag, only to realize that it did not magically turn in to what you wanted it to be when you ordered it. The bag doesn't work, it's useless, you're unhappy, and besides that, you've got to take the time to package it up and return it. More time out of your already busy day.
  4. Although Mulberry's are pretty, I just don't find the leather that great when I touch them. It just doesn't seem like it's going to stand the test of time and wear.
  5. Thanks for the input. I just know I want it, I'll buy it, I'll regret it and feel guilty!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !!

    I don't think it helps coming on TPF and hearing everyone lust after it, makes me think i should have one BUT I DON'T NEED ONE !!!!!!!
    WE REALLY HAVE TO STOP BUYING BAGS "just because they're gorgeous." OF COURSE THEY'RE GORGEOUS!!!!
    (how did I do?)
  7. OK let's look at the facts.
    It may be a pretty bag but boy it's heavy. You are going to be lugging this beast around and your arm is going to be falling off - remember why you don't like hand held bags.
    It's also cumbersome and you'll forever be apologising when you bang into people with it.
    You'll end up trying to jam it over your shoulder and that will make you stressy because it won't fit properly and you'll get annoyed.
    OK - have I done enough to put you off????
    I'm able to take this stance as today I went to the Mulberry sale at Shepton Mallet (another 10 per cent off today) and I came out WITHOUT BUYING A BAG!
    I walked around with an Emmy for a while, then a Joni, then an Alana and finally a Phoebe, but I was able to resist as none where quite right.
    How good was I?! Now I feel really virtuous as I didn't waste money on a bag that I was buying purely because it was cheap(ish).
  8. I've posted about my Mulberry issue a few times...

    I love their bags and I love my Phoebe bag, but the leather is weird on the front flap and parts of the hardware are turning a lighter color (neither Mulberry nor Saks can fix it). It scratches easily, too. I would buy a Mulberry bag again (I love the inconspicuous look of the bag in the U.S. where they're not as popular), but only if there's a REALLY good sale.

    You'll be upset if you buy the bag and have problems with it. The Bayswater is beautiful, but seems like it would be a pain to get into, especially with kids. I like to give my bags the Starbucks test... if it's not easy to access the bag contents when I'm holding a hot cup of Starbucks, it's not worth it.

    I hope this helps!
  9. Don't do it! If it does not fit over your coat...forget it! You won't end up using it. Save your money for a bag that fits all your needs :smile:
  10. Your kids will use a marker and scribble over your bag and the ink won't wipe off.
  11. eckertle -- I love the Starbucks test concept. Good one!

    I would like to say, after my colorful post above (!) that I too crave a Mulberry Bayswater. But I have not bought one. I find it beautiful. But it doesn't suit my lifestyle. It is for a career lifestyle where you want to look buttoned up in a chic way. It is for a city life, where you want to carry a lot of stuff around.
    I live a mother's life, in and out of cars. Just doesn't work for me. And, it doesn't work for travel either -- can't put over the shoulder...and you'll just be lugging.
    If you want a Mulberry, get a shoulder strap. Do let us know what you do. If you buy it and realize your mistake, don't say we didn't warn you.
  12. Wow you guys are great!!! I love the concept of the starbucks test and yes I'm sure it would fail. With both hands free i had trouble getting into the damn thing today ( went to have a little look in the department store!!) with that big flap. Excellent it's working, keep it coming.

    By the way the bag i think maybe I should get is half the price, 1 shoulder strap, zip top and 2 external pockets ( daisy doo bag by Alison van der lande) but i can't get to see one IRL !! Aaaaaaaaaargh!
  13. Can you buy it, keep for a few days and then return without loosing money? If yes, I'd recommend it. Just the fact you've bought the bag may satisfy you.

  14. Well done you for not buying something just because it was a good deal. We really are all suckers aren't we!!!? and yes your wise words have helped!
  15. When I first joined this forum, my very first post was something along the lines of- SAHM looking for a new bag.

    I recall someone suggested this very bag. But when I researched it, I found posts that people said it was heavy. You know we are always carrying around diapers, wipes, sippy cups, snacks, etc... I don't need a heavy bag on top of it all!

    A kind poster recommended the Balenciaga Day bag. I bought one and have been hooked on that brand since then. They are very light weight bags and the Day fits very comfortably over the shoulder. However, it ain't cheap!!

    I've been reading a few recent posts and how many people continue to rave about the bag. So I completely understand the allure.

    Have you checked it out in person? Just curious.