Please talk me into...or out of...a Rocco

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    Hi ladies,

    I've been eyeing the Rocco for a really long time, and have been *this close* to pulling the trigger on the burgundy one, but after a bad experience with A.Wang I swore I would never buy one so I'm kind of in a dilemma. I had a haircalf Millie with the same studs on the bottom, and the fourth time I carried it the shoulder strap completely ripped away from the bag. (Which, by the way, made quite the sound when all those studs crashed onto the floor of the lobby at my work!) I had bought the bag at Nordstrom, so I was able to return it without any problems...and was so annoyed to have that happen with an $800+ bag that I didn't even consider getting it fixed. Then I read some of the problems on TPF about the issues with the Rocco edging and straps breaking, and tell myself it would be a bad move to buy one...but at the same time I can't stop myself from wanting it! I've never had an issue with the other bags I own (Jimmy Choo, Bal, MJ, RM, Be&D, etc)...if I buy a Rocco will I just be asking for trouble? I like being able to use a shoulder strap when needed, but would I always have to carry it by the shorter handles to ensure no issues? I do own a Donna that I really like and haven't had any problems with, but it just doesn't have the edgy-ness I love about the Rocco. Personal experiences and feedback would be really appreciated!!
  2. I haven't had any issues with my Rocco and I absolutely love it! I don't use it everyday, but it certainly doesn't sit in my closet either :smile: I say get one!!!
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    i know exactly how you feel. i purchased a chloe marcie from Nordstrom & the strap immediately broke when i put it on my shoulder. i felt so upset that a bag that expensive could break so easily. you would think i would not buy one again, but i love the bag so much i purchased one from hgbags. i wear it every day & it is strong, well made & my favorite bag that i use most. the one i got from Nordies was definately a used return -i could see wear on the leather & scratches as well. it must have also had a defective strap - which is why the other person must have returned it of course! just upset that it was resold!

    i also just love the rocco bag....bought a black rockie & returned it, but still cant get it off my mind. i love the edgieness, the studs. i also have been eyeing the burgundy rocco. i think that would be a nice color for fall. i wonder if it is because the bag is so heavy that it breaks the strap. that should not happen though, with an expensive bag.
  4. i say GO FOR IT!! i have a black w/ rosegold one w/ strap and a quilted luggage one without strap and i love them both to death! i say just fill it to your heart's content and carry it. i personally haven't had any of the quality issues such as straps breaking, corners rubbing off, etc and i've had mine for 6 months now and rotate with my other bags. i understand the concern and I did too when i read about the horror stories but i just love the look of it so much i bought the black first then found the QL. and the rest is history. i used to worry about the corners but figured it's such a pretty bag that should just be carried and showed off without having to worry. so I stopped and it's been fine!! maybe it was just that way with some batches, but yes, i agree that 800+ is ALOT to spend on a bag whose strap would break. so bottom line.... i say you should definitely give Rocco another try!! or perhaps ROCKIE??? :graucho: and if neither, AW has so many awesome new styles out for fall that look equally amazing and still has that AW aesthetic we all love..... the pelican and jaime definitely caught my eye!! and also not to enable, but have you considered an emile??? :graucho::graucho:
  5. Ewww that really sucks. I hate when that happens. Especially to a Chloe? I hope you brought the bag back and got a full refund from Nordstrom. At least customer service is one thing that they do right there.
  6. Hey there, I have used my 2012 Rocco with RGH exclusively for the last three months except for a week when i used my Louis Vuitton. I have noticed NO WEAR anywhere on this bag. I condition it every 2-3 weeks, that's all i do and i have had no problems at all!!

    When i was buying this bag i was nervous about how it would hold up...I want to say i am glad that i brought this bag. I love the Rocco, had no hardware chipping problems, nothing at all. If you love it go for it!! For your peace of mind get one that is made in 2012 and i am pretty sure you will be fine. My Rocco had not only survived dry summers but also a downpour with no protection other than the conditioner i use...Go For It!!! HTH
  7. It is so great to hear that newer Rocco's are holding up. The aesthetic of AW is unique enough (and pricey enough) that it was a crime to have the wear problems we've seen.
  8. I have been using my Rocco pretty regularly since April, and almost exclusively for the past 2 months and have not noticed any sign of use, damage, edge wear, nada.

    I have the black w/black matte hw, btw.

  10. Sooooo.......I just ordered the burgundy Rocco! I decided I needed to have it in my hands so I can make up my mind about it, and I didn't want to miss out on the Saks gift card promotion. :smile:Thanks for all the input everyone, I'll post a reveal next week when I receive it!

  11. WHOO HOO!!!! :party:yay can't wait to see a burgundy rocco reveal.... yours will be the first!!! :woot:
  12. we are bag twins!!! i just received my burgundy rocco yesterday from saks! it is gorgeous - the color is perfect & goes with everything & i love the hardware - it is dark grey - not sure what metal - nickel? but it blends perfectly with the bag, better than gold, although i would think rosegold hw would look really nice with this color looks very strong & very well made. i feel like this bag can take a beating & just look better. it also - am i imagining it - does not feel as heavy as the granite rocco i tried on. i will post pics tomorrow! cant wait to see what you think about yours! please post pics when you get it!
  13. I can't wait to see your pics!!! And I agree, RG would have been great with the burgundy...

  14. pale gold might have been interesting as well :thinking:
  15. i took pictures - nice pictures of my burgundy rocco - mod shots, etc. yesterday. this morning i uploaded them, logged on tpf, started to post & ughhhh - my computer crashed!!!! right in the middle of my post. i was so close to pressing submit & everything froze!!! i am on my ipad now just to let you know. cant wait to see your pics & i will post mine when i get my laptop back up, hopefully very soon. oh, so disappointed!