please talk me around

  1. i need you guys to tell me that if i have a seafoam gorgeous city bag that i dont need a vert de menthe twiggy - they are very close in colour, right? why do i have to be lusting over the vert ... damn! Its exy ... i cant afford it!:sweatdrop:
  2. this is easy. 2 things, which you've already said so yourself: colour's too close and you can't afford it. now quit fixating on it and move on! there will always be more, it never ends. think about it when your finances are more freed up.
  3. After owning a vert d'eau, I don't believe seafoam and vert d'eau are that similar. Vert D'eau is just a creamy minty green color. Seafoam is a lovely mix of green and blue. I bought a vert d'eau bag in hopes of fulfilling my want of a seafoam bbag, but it definitely was not a replacement. Seafoam is still one of my most desired colors.
  4. ive not seen it in real life - just the piccys ... kirsten, do you love your vert? do you have the twiggy or another style.:heart:
  5. They are different side by side but in the big picture way too close if it would be a financial struggle.
  6. I sold my vert. I had it in the day style with regular hardware. It really is a pretty color but it just wasn't me.

    Did you see this pictures posted in the reference library?

    Top to bottom: Pre-spring 2007 vert d'eau WE; S/S 2004 seafoam WE; and F/W 2004 turquoise WE.

  7. thanks gals - lemming has passed. Its still a lovely lovely bag but i will wait for new bags next year.