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  1. Fellow PFers, please take action against Burberry. Help persuade Burberry to discontinue the use of fur in their collections. This will only take a few moments to a minute to contribute your help to this worthy cause.:flowers:
    Thank you!:smile:
  2. Im sorry I dont want to put a daper on this, but why do you feel that this will change burberry's mind? they will most likely throw it away or delete it. I wish you all the luck in your fight for what you feel is right and i hope you can prove me wrong
  3. Can you post the link again, this one is now invalid!
  4. Good question naughtymanolo! PETA has done things like these before and many have come out successful. For example, they got Polo Ralph Lauren to ban fur completely through online activism like the one above. Others who have gone fur-free because of online petitions like the one above are
    Wet Seal
    Forever 21
    Gap Inc.
    Banana Republic
    Ann Taylor
    The list just goes on. To view all the victories of this cause and others you can view About PETA >> Victories. With all of Burberry's competitors banning fur, sooner or later, it will change their mind. With so many complaints about this pouring in, they will not condone it.
  5. really? i didnt think that they were succesful?! i thought they just had people sign petitions and the companys just ignored it.
  6. No, they are very successful in what they try to accomplish. They ways they are successful is because of people like us who care for these animals. The petition or letter gets written, it goes to the company, soon enough they are getting loads of these complaints and PETA is showing them and informing them on how these animals are suffering, meanwhile, the competitors are getting better business from people like us, and Burberry does not want to lose their customers, so they are forced by their economic state and compassion to rid fur from their company. It does work! The victories they had are very impressive.
  7. I am trying to repost it, but the message is showing up that it is temporarily unavaiable. I will keep checking, and once it gets back up soon, I promise I will post to let everyone know that they can take action.
  8. forever 21 once carried fur????
  9. i hate peta.
  10. sorry... as much as i dont believe in slaughtering innocent animals for fur... i dont like the way PETA carry themselves.. they carry on in a ridiculous manner, therefore i would not support them...
    personally i wouldnt buy real fur, but i also think its other people's decisions if they want to or not..
  11. Thanks Danica!
  12. You know, I doubt very much a single one of these 'victories' is due to PETA. Each of those brands is mass-market and unable to command the price premium of real fur. After one season of trying these brands would find it unprofitable to continue.

    There's not a luxe brand on the list. That's because luxe brands have, are and will continue to command the price premiums to create line after profitable line of fur-adorned items.

    See? It's John Kenneth Galbraith (I think I mispelled his name, unfortunately) and his kin you should be supporting and not the um....less thoughtful... folks at PETA.
  13. I am not asking anyone to come here and post their opinion about PETA. I am asking for a good deed for these animals that suffer, so that one day Burberry won't carry fur anymore, and less animals will be in pain. Please bring your anti-PETA remarks to a different thread. Thank you.
  14. I listed just a few of those companies that have become fur-free. You can view the other victories by clicking on the link I provided. Also, those victories are not made up. Please do your research about why.
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