Please take a glass and join the "waiting lounge"....

  1. I am sitting here and patiently waiting for my first spy to arrive. It was mailed out a couple of days ago and should arrive any day now. Tracking is "off" :tdown:as usual grrh.
    Please keep me compagnie in the "waiting lounge" so that I don't start biting my nails or end up flirting with the coctailwaiter :p.

    What are you guys waiting for Fendi, non Fendi...?
  2. WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!:dothewave: Can't wait! Its seriously like waiting for "the baby to come" (not that I have ever had or had to wait for any human baby to come of course). But the anticipation! :sweatdrop:

    I sadly am not waiting for anything to come except for more money:biggrin:
  3. How exciting!!! What colour is the first spy that you are getting?

    I'm waiting for my 1st Birkin to come. Unfortunately I don't know when it is coming. it will come when my mum comes. DOn't want to risk having it sent. Insurance and tax will come to over some 4 digit figure.
  4. :popcorn:
  5. :drinkup::bagslap::noggin::drinks:

    HMMMMMMM! Think I've been in this waiting lounge before! :party:
  6. Me also waiting for a Spy :nuts: :wlae: :graucho:
  7. oooh Cat Cat, I am feeling your pain. Im waiting for a Classic Chanel in Bordeux to arrive, so I know just how you are feeling :smile:

    What colour have you decided upon?

    I have just taken a seat in the waiting lounge, anybody got biscuits ;)
  8. Ohh please count me in! I am also impatiently waiting for several things to come in the mail.... :graucho:
  9. I'll keep you company, Cat! But I suspect that I'll be here much longer than most! Been hunting for my Holy Grail of Spies for a long while. Finally have been promised one by a friend. She'll be on her way over on the Queen Mary in January! Cannot wait to add her to the family!

    Right around that time is also usually the time I pick up a new bag for myself, to celebrate the new year. Haven't quite settled on one yet, but does that count as "waiting"?
  10. Catcat - I'm not expecting anything but I'll be happy to keep ya company and hopefully get a vicarious thrill once you DO receive your first Spy...OOOOH! I'm not only anxiously anticipating the details of your Spy but also the arrival of my friend and fellow tPFer AliW's Spy, too!!!
  11. kneehighz : You're so funny.I do the waiting for the more money as well...but that's a lounge that I never seem to be able to leave. I have even a chair with my name engraved :p!

    kavnadoo: Whow a Birkin lucky you and a great color's on my birthdaywishlist amongst a few other little things :shame:

    baglady.1,Addy you are a great inspiration

    Welcome in the lounge chloe-babe you were such a great help. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new baby.

    joanniii oh tell us what are you waiting for????:drool:

    fatefullotus waiting, anticipating all is fine...

    GyrlLayney thanks for keeping compagny this is a great crowd
  12. Oooh, my fingers are crossed that your spy comes home quickly! Waiting for a spy bag can be torture...:yes:

    I'm waiting for a vintage alligator chanel bag... I don't think I have ever been so excited about a bag before! So pour me a drink, I'll hang out and wait with you!:heart:
  13. ...still here :sweatdrop:
  14. Im waiting for the Acacia Spy with Blue handles. I should get it tomorrow. Im like a kid on Christmas Eve:yahoo:I will join the lounge and wait for all your Spys to come.
  15. catcat, I have been SOOOO naughty lately~ I'm currently waiting for Chanel, Miu Miu and Fendi all at once!!! OUCH!! :push: But I did sell a few bags first, so it's not 'too' bad... :p heehee~