Please suggest Orange or Coral color bags

  1. I am looking for an orange or coral colored bag, not a tote bag but something between a small to medium size. Balenciaga makes an orange bag but I was wondering if anyone has purchased a orange bag and how you like it.:confused1:
  2. I have a coral bag by Gucci and I love the color. Not too loud but very different. It's made of pebbled leather, and I believe it's a medium bag in the Jackio O style.
  3. Do you have a picture or know the name of the bag so I can ask the SA at Gucci about it?
  4. I have a B-bag City in rouille--which is like an orange-red. I LOVE the color. It's a GREAT bag. Another bag in that similar shade is this Isabella Fiore bag.

    Isabella Fiore 'Oasis - Kate' Hobo - Handbags -

    I've only seen the rust on Nordy's site, but it's a beautiful reddish-orange. And the bag's a nice "medium" sized hobo. I'm not usually a fan of studs, but the ones on this bag really make the bag!
  5. I have a cute orange (they call it ginger) Mulberry Effie that I really like.
  6. Chanel has some beautiful bags in coral.
  7. I love Chanel bags, I didn't know they came in orange.
  8. I have Celine's classic smooth calfskin Boogie and the biker Boogie in orange, and they're wonderfully colored!
  9. Just ordered a coral bag by Betsey Johnson from Costco on clearance. Have never owned a Betsey Johnson, so I'm not sure of the quality, but everywhere else, this bag was much, much more. I paid $69.97 shipped! Needed a bag this color for a new outfit I just bought. :love:

    Here's the link:
    Costco Betsey Johnson Beatnik-X Body

    And here's the bag:

    It's also in a smaller size for $49.97:
    Costco Betsey Johnson Beatnik-Small Hobo=
  10. I haven't seen orange, just coral ;)
  11. The Dior Flight Denim collection may suit you! The bags aren't completely orange but the dark blue denim makes a cool contrast and allows them to match many more outfits!

  12. Chloe has some orange bags this season. :yes:
  13. how about the ysl muse in biscotto?