Please Suggest Moisturizer for Rehabbed MJ Venetia

  1. Does anyone have any experience with oldish leather MJ bags and moisturizers? Awhile back, I bought an early MJ Venetia bag on eBay for a song. I think it's from the first season when MJ began using the silver pushlocks rather than the brass turnlocks. It's got the same weight and heft of the old leather but the newer hardware.

    Anyway, when the bag arrived it was in deplorable condition, just trashed. I'd paid so little for it and was so bummed out about getting a bag in that condition that I set it aside for awhile. I finally got up the gumption to look at it again this week and to start trying to restore it. I've had to clean and clean it (and polish it!), but it's getting better and better. The leather on those older bags is so heavy, but just beautiful. I've been using leather cleaner with moisturizers in it to clean the bag, but it could still really use a drink. Any moisturizers that you might suggest?

    I know that MJ bags generally don't call for moisturizers, but this is a special case. This one had an especially rough life before getting to me ;)
  2. Awww poor purse, but at least she's getting a second lease on life! This may be a "no no," but I've had really good luck with the leather conditioner/cleaner my dad uses on his car seats! I think it is made by Maguire's? I like it because it takes dirt off without stripping the color or leaving a greasy residue. Ick. Is there anything worse than getting a grease stain on your clothes?
  3. I use Leather CPR to maintain my MJs as well as a vintage Chanel. Like the fact that it literally feels like one of those hand lotions w no hint of oil when I use it. They have a web site.

    For really stubborn dry leather, I use something called Leather Honey, it is a bit tricky to use as it literally feels like honey! I had a fairly dry MJ stam and put it on the ruching taking care not to over do it for fear the honey would seep into the lining area. I worked in small applications over time. It will, deepen/darken the color of the leather so only use if you do not mind that happening. It's not a bad thing, but it definitely looked darker to me.