Please suggest a Shoulder Bag In Damier-Ebene

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  1. I have the Damier Trevi PM and I like to get another shoulder bag in Damier Ebene. I like bags with zipper top so that liminates the Neverfull. I like Palermo or the Totally style but these bags do not come in Damier Ebene YET! Are there any other shoulder bag in Damier Ebene that I should be consider?
    Thanks so much !!!
  2. I really can't think of a a better Damier shoulder bag than the Trevi :cloud9:

    I hope someone else is able to chime in with suggestions!
  3. What about the Bloomsbury?
  4. Sistina? Thames?
  5. Saleya maybe, I don't know it that fits over the arm
  6. I love the Saleya and the Neverfull!
  7. allthough i dont have 1 neverfull is a great price and alwayse a popular fave . id go w. that
  8. Hands down the Thames GM - it's a great damier ebene shoulder bag. Sistina is nice too though...
  9. I'm really in love w.bloomsbury for now, shoulder + crossbody = :smile:
  10. I was looking for a Daimer shoulder bag, too, and I chose the Sistina MM. It is so gorgeous! I had to sell a few of my unused bags and save up my holiday money to buy her, but she is my new fave. Check her out!
  11. Belem MM. Best Damier bag hands down!
  12. I need to look at that.
  13. I would suggest Bloomsbury PM or Neverfull MM.
  14. is it big enough for a small laptop? :smile:
  15. Love the saleya :yes: