Please suggest a fun large style bag for me


Live with no regrets
Jun 27, 2008
New York
I need a large bag and I am at a loss. I am, as my name suggests, a frame bag lover and I don't know where to look for a big dang bag. I just saw this large Jill Stuart bag on sale at Nords:
which might fit the bill - but it's sort of plain looking.
Can you, large bag lovers, suggest a great large bag that's not too heavy?

Hey Frame Bag Frau!!!

How much money are you looking to spend? My friend has the Large YSL Muse, which holds EVERYTHING!!! There's nothing in the world she doesn't carry in that bag.


BaG jUnKiE!
Jun 29, 2008
A L.A.M.B. Soft Signature Wiltshire is a very light and roomy bag, not a frame satchel but has a trapezoid look to it. Just a suggestion. If you view my profile pictures I have mine posted on there in my Album. They aren't very expensive. Leather and very high quality coated canvas.


Sep 3, 2008
Ooh, I have a special Furla Divide It! bag that's so colorful and fun. I can put everything in there. The bag is true to its name though. Its a tote divided into two parts by a large pocket. No other interior compartments. I don't think you can order the special/limited edition ones online, but maybe by phone? They aren't a lot more expensive than the regular Divide It!s, I think mine cost about 180 euros, two and a half years ago in Paris.