PLEASE ..Strap Drop Lengths of Monty GM & Neverfull MM????

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  1. Hi all!
    Can anyone give me these 2 strap drop measurements, ASAP? I have no voice to call LV (laryngytis)
    THANK YOU!!!:smile:

    Montorgueil PM
    Neverfull MM
  2. I have my Neverfull MM with me.... from the top of the purse to the top of the strap at it's highest point, it's approximately 8 inches or so. I think the leather staps can stretch slightly.... when I first got the Neverfull, I put several water bottles inside the purse and hung the purse on my door knob to stretch the handles for a bit more strap drop. I think it worked....

  3. Ok. THANKS! Yeah, the guy on live chat just told me the Neverfull drop strap is 6.5". That seemed too short for me. What do you think..think he is incorrect possibly? I don't think he actually had the bag there to measure. Just read off a chart! THANKS again!!!!!
  4. Maybe he misunderstood you.... the measurements for the MM are:
    12.5"x 11.5"x 6.5" (height x length x width/depth).

    Maybe that's where the person saw 6.5 inches?

    You can definitely put the Neverfull MM on your shoulder.

    The Neverfull PM has a shorter strap drop - it's difficult for me to put it on my shoulder.

  5. I bet you are right! all are the pro's on here-not the live chat dudes.hehe
    THANKS!!!!!! :tup:
  6. I have lots of room left with the MM on my shoulder
  7. I tried the Monty GM at the store on my shoulder and I didn't think the shoulder drop was enough inches to be comfortable. The Monty sticks out a bit but I guess you can "crush" it with your arm closer to your body but it seemed a bit awkward to me although I do like the shape of the Monty and that it's a zippered purse.

    But, I love my MOCA Neverfull MM and I look forward to eventually buying a Damier Neverfull MM - I guess in 2009!

  8. THANKS! This good to know. No one else will admit this about the straps on the Monty GM (or PM for that matter!) And even the Monty PM is awkward where you have to kinda crush it. I hope the Neverfull MM isn't like that???!!!
    THANKS again! BIG HELP!!!!!:tup:
  9. I don't think you'll have any problems with the Neverfull MM strap drop. I use my bag all the time on my shoulder and love it!! As I mentioned earlier, I also put some water bottles in my Neverfull when I first got it and hung it on the door knob overnight and it seemed to stretch just a bit more which I was happy with! I actually might have hung it overnight on the door knob twice.

    You can also clip the metal things on either side of the Neverfull to keep the sides closed since the leather sliders tend to fall down and don't stay up very well. I just use a couple of little LV keychains that I already own to clip the Neverfull bag but you could always use other charms with a lobster claw clip or buy a two lobster claw clips at your local arts & crafts store.

    I also use a base shaper on the inside bottom of my Neverfull because I don't like it to sag. I bought the base shaper on ebay but you can also just cut out a few pieces of cardboard to fit the inside of the Neverfull to use as support - just be sure to round the edges of cardboard corners so that they are not pointy right angles.

    I see Duran Duran on your avatar!! Are you a big DD fan? I have concert tickets to see them in May!! Duran Duran was my very first concert when I was a teenager - 7 and the Ragged Tiger tour!! (I'm showing my age!) My favorite is Roger!!
  10. I tried the Neverfull at a LV store, and I thought it was short for me too. I like my strap drop to be at least 10" but it's really a challenge finding an LV tote bag with that strap drop. They are usually shorter. I ended up getting a saumur because you can wear it as a messenger or double it, and it becomes a shoulder bag!

  11. Hi Peace43!
    Thank you so much for all the helpful advice! I just bought the Neverfull MM on Elux and trying to sell my Monty PM now...
    I'm going to get one of the base shaper's too on Ebay. I hear otherwise the bottom does get saggy!
    YES! I am (more like was) a huge Duran Duran fan! I'm probably older than you (trying to do the math of how old I was when 7 and ragged tiger tour was..I think I was in Middle school) I'M SEEING THEM IN CONCERT also in May in Atlanta! Where are you seeing them? I'm soo excited. I was a huge Simon fan. Believe it or not I NEVER got a chance to see them in concert. Terrible. I always say, before I die I want to see them! Let me know where you are seeing them, maybe we can meet up and talk LV!hehe. THANKS!

  12. Oh no! Hope the Neverfull straps will be tolerable for me. I don't think of myself as having huge arms....(not pencil thin either)We'll see as my Neverfull should be arriving next week!:yahoo: i'll just have to return it if it doesn't work! HOW BIG is the SAUMUR? Not familiar with that one at all!
  13. Congrats on your new Neverfull MM! I think you'll like it - the strap length will be fine!

    I think I'm a few years older than you because I was around 13 or so when I went to my first concert ever (DD). Anyways, seeing DD in L.A., so unfortunately, we won't be able to meet..... I've seen DD several times when I was younger as well as now -most recently was just a few years ago when all of the original members got back together - I think I went to 3 concerts during that time frame - the best was at Staples Center in L.A. and also a small club show in San Diego (I think only about 300 people!) One of my friends who I've know since elementary school flew down to stay with me and see all three reunion concerts! She also was with me when I saw DD for the first time as a teen!! Very nostalgic!

    Have a great time at the concert!! (But, don't bring your new Neverfull to the concert - got to watch out for people spilling drinks while walking around or on the floor of the concert venue!)
  14. Alright, I will spill the beans and tell ya I'm 36! Who won? (kidding..of course)Yeah, not sure why I never ended up going to any of their concerts....but you should have seen my bedroom when I was like in middle school. You couldn't see the actual wall itself because I had wallpapered my room with sooo many Duran 2 posters! I was a TOTAL Duranie.
    I wonder where all that stuff went???..hum. (Did I actually throw it away..hehe) Anyway, bummer you are in CA. GREAT point about not bringing my Neverfull....I was going to bring it too! Oh no, how can I be in fashion now without my LV? I need to buy a small one now...or a fake..NOT.hehe. HAVE FUN TOO! What is the date of your concert? Mine is May 17th. I wonder what songs they will play? Do you happen to know?
    I tried to find online with no luck. I bet they will play mostly from this new album.only know like 2 songs on it! OH WELL
    I'm sooo excited!!! (scream, whoo-hooo!)_:yahoo:
    Anyway, have fun!!
  15. I win! I'm older than you but don't want to mention my age. (Argh!) Buy an LV accessory (wallet?) and bring to concert!! Or maybe a Pochette? I think my concert is on May 4th. DD will play a few songs from new CD but most of their songs will be from their older albums - think of it as a greatest hits concert.

    I use to have tons of DD stuff as well (posters, books, buttons) but I threw out most of it except I think I still have the buttons somewhere.

    Congrats again on your new Neverfull MM! You'll love it!!! I originally had the Mono version but bought the MOCA Neverfull MM and then sold my Mono version to a co-worker (she buys all of my LV stuff that I want to sell). I also later bought a Neverfull PM but it's too small for me. Oh well! I'll eventually try to sell it. MM is a great size for a tote bag and when you don't want it to be big, you can make it narrow and use it like a smaller purse. It's like having two bags in one!!