Please Stop Using Ebay For Cosmetics!

  1. Guys
    You need to stop using Ebay for cosmetics... uve only got one face.. dont risk it by buying crap off there... who knows where its been.
    Instead im introducing you to my fave website that has all the big brands at a discount.. and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

    I buy everything off this site... its fab value for money.
    I hope im allowed to post the link...
  2. Yeah I get waht you mean. I don't trust eBay for anything to put on my face.
  3. I completely agree. In my opinion, face products are one of the most important items a woman purchases. It is not worth taking the risk with them.
  4. I have had great luck with cosmetic purchases on eBay, although I have not bought anything recently. But for discontinued items or limited editions it's great! You just have to be careful...and only buy things that are new/sealed.
  5. doesn't Strawberrynet sell on EBay?
  6. is that your website?
  7. i think they're a tPF sponsor
  8. i agree, swanky, noo cosmetics from ebay!! haha.

    ebay = evil
  9. ^I never said I buy from eBay! LOL!
    I like perusing my local make-up counters too much!
  10. was that to me? i was saying i agree with you.. i didnt say you buy from ebay

  11. omg I totally agree! I bought some lancome bifacil off of ebay and it was suuuuuuper greasy - moreso than it should be. I just discovered strawberry net and even got a free borghese lip liner with my order, plus shipping is FREE!
  12. I am a makeup WHORE and will buy from anywhere and I never had a problem with makeup or perfume off ebay; however I waited a MONTH for Spanx Higher Power so I dont recommend shapewear....only kidding-I did wait a month had I not filed a paypal claim it never would have come and I'd be jiggling all over South Florida:roflmfao:

    seriously ladies and Vlad-ebay is great but you have to watch who you buy from.
  13. I always get stuff on ebay. Whether I'm trying out a product or getting a good deal, I swear by ebay for just about everything, including some makeup items. A lot of lip glosses and mascaras (the Dior Show that everyone raved about) have come from there. As long as the seller's reputable, I'm there. Nowadays, people buy everything in bulk. Make-up is no different. I just hope my sellers aren't ripping off MAC and Sephora for a couple dollars....
  14. I've bought LE makeup off of ebay.. or stuff that is constantly sold out... like bobbi brown's sandwash eyeshadow palette... got a pretty good deal on it.

    and discontinued items that I LOVE...that's the only makeup I buy.
  15. I buy all my Jean Paul Gaultier Classique from eBay sellers. Also pick up some Marilyn Miglin facial cleansers and face creams. Occasionally I'll get Jonathan Product items if the price is decent. I've never once had a problem in 5 years of eBaying.

    Another SUPER SITE for deals is They have bonus dollars you get for every dollar you spend, free shipping on orders over $50, lots of specials that you'll get notice of in your email box. The most recent was free shipping and $10 off any order over $100 AND that purchase goes towards your bonus dollars. They always toss in really good "gimmes" too. When you go over $100, it's a full size product, not a sample size!! I LOVE those guys!! :yahoo: