Please Stop Me!!

  1. I am **THIS** close to purchasing that damned pink H wool and cashmere blanket on My finger is shaking. Am I really doing this??? Your thoughts on Hermes blankets, please. Do you have any? Are they worth their cost? Have you seen the pink in person? Ahhhh!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  2. You are too cute!!

    This one??

  3. I don't have one but I have seen them IRL and they're fabulous. Warm and so so soft.

    Go for it :tup:
  4. YES ROSE! what do you think of it?? i already know handybags is a bad influence :graucho:
  5. How could you say no??? It's gorgeous! Buy it!
  6. It is really gorgeous and it is so soft, Go for it.
  7. Looks sooo soft.I wonder how the up keep is with these?Anyone own one of these beauties?
  8. pretty...I love it.....I can't say no....
  9. Oh, just think if you have the flu, and a big hot mug of something, how much better you would feel if you had that blanket draped around you. I'm serious.
  10. I think Ninja Sue has one, :woohoo: SUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  11. Look, that blanket is already enabling some fabulous H China:yahoo:
  12. ok, so im convinced every H lover should have one in their home..but colour?? i think pink is whimsical. its feminine and home-y. but then there is blue, black/white and beige and gold. the latter two combos are more classic and modern and "safe"
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I have a friend named Harry. I wouldn't buy it for them, but for myself........ooh yesss
  15.'s 101 degrees in new york right now so I naturally vote no