Please steer me away from what may be the ultimate insanity: Long - sorry in advance

  1. ladies......omg, should I return my bronze metallic Luxe Bowler with rose gold h/w that still has tags on it, etc., for the expandable flap which I cannot freaking get out of my mind??!! As it stands now, the expandable is $300 more than the bowler (its the older expandable, Saks here happens to have one, that is $2395 instead of $2650)
    or should i just keep the Luxe, of which the following pros are listed:
    a) i don't have a Chanel bag shaped like it
    b) it cannot be gotten anymore in stores
    c) small enough to be versatile for day or night but still fits a ton
    d) very Chanely with raised CC on the leather, dangling CC charm and chain shoulderstrap
    e) very hardy, would take a small tornado to ruin it
    f) alot of you ladies loved it and your opinions do influence me greatly!

    a) i may be falling out of love, not sure

    1. It is THE Chanel bag, the Chanel to end all Chanels (imo :p )
    2. I am madly madly in love with it. It is my Holy Grail bag. In fact, the other night while thinking about it i smacked my forehead on our wrought iron bed headboard and now have a bruise in the middle of forehead the color of the new Balenciaga magenta City bag. (hmmm, maybe i get that one least it will match my face)
    3. VERA VERA Chanely with CC h/w toggle closure, chains, dangly charm, and zipper that expands bag
    4. could always rationalize that it will cost $300 instead of $2395 if return Luxe bowler

    1. I would worry bout the stitches coming undone (because I am hard on bags)
    2. Its camel and i already have camel Reporter with blackk CC

    and please forgive for being so longwinded :girlsigh:
    TIA so much!!!!
  2. sounds like you really love the expandable...get what you love the most :yes:
  3. Oh, that's a tough one Claudia. I love both bags. The luxe bowler is GORGEOUS in the bronze and I don't think Chanel will make another bronze luxe bowler for a long time. It sounds like you REALLY love the exp though. I love the exp flap so much that I bought the white, red, and brown. The leather is TDF. I haven't had any problems w/the stitching coming undone on any of my exp flaps, but I know other members have had that problem. Both bags are gorgeous, but you should get the one that you love the most.
  4. the one con you listed for the luxe bowler speaks pretty loudly to me...seems like the expandable is the one you really want (and therefore should get).

    both bags are great so you really can't go wrong!
  5. I think if you already feel like you may be falling out of love with the bowler, then you need to get rid of it. It's a great bag, no doubt, but sometimes we just grow tired of some bags. They are still pretty, but we need to move one.

    The expandable bags are just gorgeous. I don't own one, but I have heard some people have issues with the stitching, but not all. I think you should give the expandable a try, it seems like you really want and prefer that bag. Get what you want.
  6. It seems you've been thinking about the expandable for a while now! They both are great bags. Follow your heart, Claudia! I think you already know what you want to do.
  7. I think you should get what you love. And a goose-egg is surely a sign of love! LOL.
  8. Follow your :heart:!:yes:
  9. You should definitely get the one you love most :tup: If there's any doubt in your mind about a bag, I would definitely return it!
  10. If and when I ever decide on a HG bag, ya better believe I'd be doing whatever it took to get my hands on it!
  11. With Chanel's being so pricey and all, you should definitely get the most bang for your buck, and that means that you should get bags that you are absolutely in love with. So I vote for the Expandable. If you cannot get this bag out of your head, then return the Luxe Bowler, even though it is a great bag. After all, we can't help with whom or with what we fall in love with. :p

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. Yes... get the Expandable Flap because, in your own words:

    Also, it's more you.
  13. Aww, what a dilemma! :heart: The fact that you think, and wrote the following about the Expandable and the Luxe Bowler says a whole lot: 1. It is THE Chanel bag, the Chanel to end all Chanels (imo :p ) AND 1) i may be falling out of love, not sure... basically, to me that = hurry up and get the Expandable!! ;) Haha, you're so funny, and it seems like the Expandable would make you deliriously happy (and just the medicine you need to cure your bruise!), so I'd swing the Expandable way if I were you!!! :tup: Let us know what you decide!! :heart:
  14. I vote for the Expandable, too. For one, I personally like it better,and, more importantly, it sounds like you do, too!
  15. I vote expandable but I think u should get it in a different color since u already have a camel toned bag.....I got the choc brown one..Thats a FAB color...