please stay away from this e-bay listing gals *nevermind it was a mistake!*

  1. Perhaps it was a typo. Shipping is $40 now.
  2. ^^ phew, they just changed it to $40 :sweatdrop:
  3. I see that it says $40.00, but I have been drinking...

  4. lol, it's not the vino, it said $4K 3 minutes ago

    p.s. sorry if the seller's a PFer, but with all the scammers on e-bay these days, you can never be too careful!!!
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. i saw that too aaa and i actually emailed the selelr coz i was confused....

    btw, is ivory= white or calcaire?
  7. Lol, Irishgal! :lol:

    ^Me, that's what I think it is, too. Good luck to all the bidders! :flowers:
  8. Looks like calcaire.
  9. $40 is still too much for domestic shipping.
  10. ^I agree...I think sellers are often over zealous when coming up with shipping estimates.
  11. i really want this... but the color is so light......
    i dont know.....
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