PLEASE ... someone report this Scammer

  1. That's horrible! 29 bids....someone needs to inform those people on how a b-bag should like.The stitching on the handles would be a dead giveaway for me and I knew that even before I came on this forum!
  2. What is up with these buyers??? Even if it was real, it's FILTHY!:throwup:
  3. yikes!!! so many bids too...
    i'll report this right away :censored:
  4. Obvoiusly a scammer & only accepts Western Union!
  5. :throwup: :rant: :throwup: I can't understand why there are some bidders ??? :wtf:
  6. everything about this bag is yuck!:throwup: the tag is laughable. the seller's definitely going straight to hell.
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