PLEASE somebody buy these size 36 $149 Miu Miu leather boots

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  1. OK so I am a YOOX addict and the most frustrating thing for me is when something unique that I absolutely love at an unbeatable price yet its not remotely close to my size. All through last week's "sample sale" (that's winter clearance sale for those of us YOOX fanatics who shop enough to know where this stuff came from), I was absolutely obsessed with these Miu Miu boots but they're not my size. Oh, they would look so cute over jeans but not my size. They would look great with miniskirts or even shorts but not my size. What a great way to make a neutral outfit instantly interesting without going over the top but not my size. Only $149 but not my size. Now there is no longer a link to the sample sale but for now you can still get to the merchandise via bookmark and I believe you can still purchase items. So those boots are going to continue to taunt me unless someone in a size 36 shells out for them (my size 39.5 gun boats that pretend to be feet are not even close). So I'm hoping one of my shoe ladies will ease my pain:

  2. Great deal. Those are very cute. I am in the same "boat" as you. They aren't my size.
  3. They're my size, but I just don't think I can pull those off...legs aren't long enough :sad: