Please, some advise!

  1. I recently purchased a black work and the leather is really wonderful, super thick, no veins, just the best I have seen. My problem is I really didn`t want black, would like to have had a lighter color. Should I keep this bag which has the most outstanding leather or return and look for a lighter color?:confused1: Really what I want to know is do any of you keep bags just for the leather?even though its not the color you like?
  2. I recently purchased a first in dark brown. I love the color and the leather is superb, but the size is too small, as I already have a first for evenings, so I won't need another in this size. I did not want to return it because of the color, but mostly because of the leather, it was the best I have seen in a while. But I did. I need to love the bag totally, or I will not use it. If you don't like the color, you will not use it like you should, so I would say return it and get the bag you totally love!
  3. Didn't you sell you ink to get this black one ?
    When you talked about it you seemed to really love the bag. I think I would say it depends on what you value most and or if you're able to keep it and still get a diffrent color.

    For me it's the other way round I just received a bag which first surprised me because the color was much darker than I expected, but actually after some thinking I love this tone even more!:yes:

    Now the leather is not that great thick yes but just too dry and you can feel a tun of very thin veines (they don't actually show but you can feel them).
    I will keep it because of the color and will try to get a lighter bag with softer leather to begin with in the beginning of 07.

    Black is always fine so if I were you I would keep it and buy a lighter one for spring.
  4. i think it's pretty! and every girl needs a big black bag :P
    KEEP IT!!!
  5. I agree! Keep it! I LOVE my black work - it looks like velvet! And it has sooo many uses and goes with everything! :yahoo:
  6. I did think I loved the ink, but decided I really wanted a larger bag so went with the work.I really bought it because of the outstanding leather, and saw in person before I purchased. Its really hard to tell what your getting when you purchase online etc.
  7. if u don't really like the color, i'd say return it....

    i think the color matters more than the leather cuz u can always find the one u like with nice leather i'm sure :smile:
  8. If you want a lighter color, you should return your black one to get what you want. You can find lighter color bbags with just as nice leather as your black one. :yes: