Please slap some sense into me!!!! I BEG you!!! (Chanel bag!!)

  1. OK, so last week I went to the mall with a friend. I introduced her to my fave SA. We looked at some bags and then she asked the SA about the Chanel Coco Cabas bag. I am not familar with Chanel at all. All they had was a huge denim one. My friend commented on the black leather ones and how gorgeous they are. MY SA said she would get me one. Fine.

    Came home, searched on the Chanel forum, saw gorgeous pictures and of course began to obsess. SA calls me and says it's been very hard to track one down, that perhaps I should wait until Fall.... Fine. Of course I could not stop thinking about it...... Decided to talk to my husband about it :nuts:

    He said it's a status bag, I don't need it, would I want to carry the girl's sippy cups and snacks in it, etc.... After that conversation, I pretty much decided I wasn't going to get the bag. Fine.

    Get a call from my SA just a few minutes ago. They got ONE in and did I want to buy it. SA cannot hold it for me since there are so many people wanting one (so they say.....). I ask if I buy it, can I return it and she said yes. So I went ahead and bought it :wtf:

    I am going to the mall on Friday to see it in person. My saving grace is knowing that I don't have to keep it, I can just leave it at the store.

    It's $1995 plus tax. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    I am sending practially my entire Balenciaga bags to Anns Fabulous Finds later this week, so I should be getting some money from those bags. I also work from home and will be getting a nice check next week since I did well in June. But still, a bag over 2k????

    I did not post this on the Chanel forum b/c well, I'm a bit embarrased and I also felt that perhaps this forum would be a bit more unbiased.

    Thank you!!!!!!
  2. I'm no help. I think that bag is gorgeous, and I think you should go ahead and get it before the price increase. Yes, I am an enabler. :graucho:
  3. hmmm....that's almost rent for 2 months in my world....i couldn't do that...

    but if you are putting your balenciagas towards the price, that would help justify it.

    but still $1995, PLUS TAX, is a huge amount. I'd rather use that to pay off school loans...JMO
  4. I don't have any debt, I pay my cc bills off every month. I do have 2 young kids....

    BagLuver- yes, I forgot about the price increase. That's in Sept right?
  5. I am a Chanel fan. I have 4 bags.

    You should keep it. Great bag.
  6. WOW!!! That's umm... A LOT! hahaha But if you want it and have the $ so's only $$ you'll make more.
  7. I say if you like the bag, and it seems you do :smile:, get it if you end up still liking it when you see it IRL. Chanel bags are classics and the Cabas seems like it will meet your needs function-wise too. If you think you'll carry it a lot then the price will be justified.
  8. Where in CA do you live that 2 months rent is 1995$?
  9. i live with a roommate so roughly $800 a person

    oh, i'm in the bay area
  10. You were lucky to find such a deal in SF, since it has the highest cost of living in CA.
  11. This is a very tough choice. Basically, one Chanel Cabas equals two BBags. If you love the Chanel twice as much as your BBags, and you know you will carry it, then I think you should go for it.
  12. Your entire collection is going to Ann's??? what's in it, can I ask?
  13. I totally still have the option to leave it at the store. Sounds like you have doubts, and if you buy it, you may have remorse once you've carried it. I recently had the same experience, but in my case, I just happened to see this limited edition LV patchwork speedy in gris, and I was hooked. It took every ounce of willpower to leave the store empty handed that day. I thought about whether or not I wanted to spend 2K on a denim I slept on it.
    The next day, I realized that I needed it in my collection, so I went back. I have no remorse.
    I think you will get a better idea once you've seen it, held it, and modeled it IRL. Good luck !!
  14. If its beauty makes you gasp out loud when you see it in person, then it's worth the cash, especially if there is a price increase coming up. I once spent $2000 on a Prada because the second I laid eyes on it, the angels started singing. I've never regretted it. Every time I take that Prada out of its dust bag, the angels sing again.
  15. LOL i'm wondering the same thing