Please show your stack/combination in real life situations

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  1. I see a lot of beautiful pictures of carefully posed bracelet stacks and necklace combinations, these look beautiful however they are really not true to life.
    I would be really interested in seeing the reality of these stacks/combination which would occurr about 5 seconds after moving arm from posed position.
    What tangles with what, what end up in an untidy mess at the bottom of your wrist etc:biggrin:
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  2. My trinity core does serve as a good buffer between my loves 90% of the time LOL ;)

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  3. Stack of the day... The Trinity cord bracelet stops the other two from clanking. Love the look. IMG_7175.jpg
  4. I really wish I hadn’t sold my trinity cord, it would have been a perfect bufffer and would have allowed me to wear other bracelets without fear of scratching my love
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  5. I love your post because I don’t like how my VCA MOP bracelet stacks with my Love in real life, only in still pics lol. It crosses over and gets messy. I’m constantly readjusting when I wear bracelets with it.
  6. Quick question! If i want to layer my love with a juc do i need to buy the same size? I currently wear a 17 and its slightly big on me! Should i get the same size?
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  7. Size down one size from your Love. So you would need a 16 JUC
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  8. Thank you so much for your thought!

    Is there a reason why i should size down?
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  9. It’s just the way the sizing works. The JUC runs large. So to get the equivalent of whatever your love is (classic love) you size down 1 size. I think It’s different witb the love cuff.
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  10. I’m always curious about this! Is your vca mop bracelet pretty snug fitting? Was thinking of getting the 5 motif Alhambra but am hesitating as i know I will be annoyed when they all pool in a mess at my hand.
  11. Haha I’ve caught my love bracelet cross over each other a few times too. Glad to know I’m not the only one!
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  12. IMG_5632.jpg 8A62FDE5-5F4B-40A6-800A-32E73B5A7B29.jpg

    This is my every day stack. I’m thinking of adding a RG love and a juste un clou but I’m not sure what size love and what colour clou. The decisions!!
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  13. Hi, are your love bracelets in the same size or different size ? Thank you
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  14. image.jpg Does anyone have a picture of their love stack and VCA just hanging down on their hands towards the ground?
    My love always goes over my vca and it’s a jumbled mess when my hands are down to the side of me.
  15. All Loves are the same size, and the VCA just happens to be just about the same size so none of them will overlap. I've tried stacking with other bracelets, but this stack just works because none of them overlap with another.

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