Please show your pics of your 07 vert foncé/olive Bbag!

  1. I think this color might be a hit but I haven't seen it irl. Does anyone have one yet? :graucho: PLEASE SHOW 'EM! :yahoo:
  2. Would love to see one too! :tup:
  3. I'd love to see pics also! I think this color is gorgeous especially with the SGH! C'mon girls, post your pics!
  4. ummm... who was it that posted their VF PT SGH... i think it was Blessings??? dont know how to past links sorry...
  5. My sisters (blessings) Vert Fonce Giant Part time


    My Vert Fonce Giant Day


    Hope that helps.. the leathers on these 2.. are
    SQUIShy and plush... ;)
  6. YUMMY!!!!!!!:drool::drool:

    Its is as green as 05 Olive? It looks like it's more on the brown side than 05 I right??

    I'd love to see more pics! please:cutesy:
  7. Wow, it looks almost black. What a unique color. It seems as though it could be a chameleon color depending on the lighting... or is it too dark to have much of a varied appearance?
  8. [​IMG]
    I reallllllly like it alot!!!
  9. yeah that's an interesting color. its pretty!
  10. this makes me want to run out and get another DAY bag right now !!!!!

  11. Beautiful ladies!!! The ggh day doesn't have tassels (like the hobo), does it?
  12. Correct, they don´t have tassels. That´s the reason why I decided to stick with the RH because I think the tassels are so "Rock ´n Roll baby" :rochard:
  13. Oooh it's really pretty! I love the color!
  14. Thanks everyone.. & (I'm speaking on behalf of blessings as well.. as shes visiting soCAL this weekend) for all your kind comments.. and in helping us make these ugh..... should I say... successful purchases~! :cutesy:
  15. This is a really hard color to photograph. Mine too looks more brown like the above pics, but when it is outside or in bright lighting, it is soooo green. It doesn't even look like the same bag! The 2nd day that I carried it I thought that I had picked up the wrong bag because it was all of a sudden green! It freaked me out! I LOVE the bag and color!