Please show me your well loved Birkins!

  1. I am pretty new to Hermes and my bags are still quite young. I'd love to see how your bags look as the years have past.
    Please show me your well loved bags and let me know how old they are.
    I'd love to hear from the ladies that wear these lovely bags with abandon and just truly enjoy them!
    Anyone with a 5 year old bag? 10? more?
  2. This is a great thread!

    How about vintage bags, RC?
  3. Here's my 10 yearold Courchevel Birkin; although I don't use it much (it's a 40cm) it's my very first Birkin, so I'm a bit sentimental about it!
    P1010139.JPG P1010148.JPG
  4. Thanks for posting, Duna! I'm actually very curious to see how Courchevel ages because I'm debating a pre-owned Courchevel 35cm. It's a color + size that I love, but I'm worried it's not floopy enough for me :sad:
  5. Thanks! Yes, I want to see all types of skins and all ages (yes to vintage, S'Mom) ...and not just the floopy ones. My new clemence graphite is floopy...
    I'd just like to see how the birkins age over time.
    Thanks so much Duna for posting pix of yours!
  6. As you can see, it does floop a bit over time, which I love by the way; I also have a Kelly in Courchevel which is 16 years old (I don't have close up pics, only one with my other Kellys) and that also has become much softer!

    The green Kelly on the right is 15 years old!
    b (1).JPG
  7. Wow. None of those bags look quote unquote old. They're
    gorgeous. :smile:
  8. Please post more photos everyone! Mine are "babies" too.
  9. wow! they look lovely!
  10. would love to see someone who has a 20 yr old birkin.
    my oldest B is only 7 yrs old
  11. seton, would love to see it.

    would nice to see 5 plus years and more pics!
  12. Here's a Birkin that's about 11 years old. I don't have any older ones.
  13. oh what a nice brown! what leather is that?

    I just wonder how my togo and clemance birkins will be over the excited to see
  14. Sorry, I should have said! It's Clemence, I believe, in Chocolate.