Please, show me your Wapity-case (known there's a thread like this, but please help)

  1. Hi guys..
    Since I have 5 hours of driving by car to the nearest (and only) LV store in this country, I don't go there very often. And I prefer to know (most of) what I want when I get there. This time, I have the wapity in my mind.. please let see yours.:angel:

    Both filled and with the stuff next to it.
    I want it to hold, at least:
    - My cell (a sony ericsson w610i)
    - Few cards
    - my do-not-now-the-word-for-the-thing-which-stops-makes-your-lips-go-dry :sweatdrop:
    - and a few coins...

    I am a guy and have trying to be looking for a little something-something to contain this stuff without being too feminim..

    Please show me your wapity, or suggest something (with pics. please :rolleyes:)