Please Show Me Your Used Speedy 30 Im Epi!

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  1. Hi!
    I just bought today my first speedy, a red epi, size 30.
    But i am concerned about some things:
    1- Is it supposed to come with a lock? Mine hasn't . Maybe my SA forgot???
    2- Is it not unconfortable because the zip is not that wide?? I was triying to decide between speedy or alma, because alma had a entire zip from side to side...
    3-Will it go floopy? I like how your used speedys in monogram or damier look, but I don't know if epi leather will go that floopy.
    Please show me any pic with your used speedys in epi!
  2. here it is with the rest of my lv family
  3. I have a black epi 25 (silver hardware). It came with a lock and keys. I find the opening a bit small but I prefer the speedy shape to the alma. I use it a lot and there is no sag.
  4. Oh thanks for your oppinion but i cannot see your pics!:sad:
  5. You should contact your SA if you dont have a lock.Congrats on the new addition.
  6. saludos amiga española! :flowers:

    most speedies, if not all should come with the lock and keys. You should definitely give your SA a call and ask.
    Second, i do not think the speedy in epi will sag as much to the ones in canvas because its a more structured material, (it is leather). With age though, epi is known to grow wrinkles in the leather as it sags, if it is packed with heavy things for long periods of time. The leather found closer to the zipper is also known to sometimes wrinkle.

    if you have anymore questions let us know.
  7. Hola!!!Que alegria!
    Yes i will call my SA and ask her to send the lock.
    When you say that the leather will wrinkle, you mean crack and broken...??? I hope not!:sad:
    That is why i asked for pics.
    Maybe i'll find some in the "lv in action threat".
    I will try, but if any of you have a used epi, please send the pics!
  8. Yes i will!!!
    Thanks !
  9. te voy a buscar fotos en ebay.
    it doesnt break or crack, pero como todas las pieles se arrugan.

    no te preocupes, ill find you a couple pictures! ;)
  10. Thanks clearstatic!
    I see the leather doesn't go floopy ( like for example clemence hermes leather). I would prefer it because i have seen floopy monogram speedys and i love it. Any way I hope mine takes ages in wrinkle like that. I baby my bags a lot, so i hope so.
    Tomorrow i will post my first in action pic in Louis Vuitton threat!:wlae:
    See you all tomorrow!