Please show me your 'family photos'

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  1. Hi,
    I always feel great when I line up my bags and look them. I am sure all bbag lovers will feel good to see each other's 'family photos'.

    Here are mine. :graucho:

    Is anyone else up for sharing their family photos?
    FamilyPhoto2.jpg FamilyPhoto1.jpg
  2. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
  3. my triplets:


    soon to be quads hopefully.... ;)
  4. Here's my B family. Some have been sold and replaced by others and I intend to sell 2-3 more on eBay over the next few months.. as the only B I really carry now is my beloved teal city :heart:
    BfamilySmNames.jpg BbluefamilySm.jpg BfamilySm.jpg Bbluefamily1Sm.jpg FashionShelves2Sm.jpg
  5. gorgeous collections, ladies!!!!! :nuts: :love:
  6. Very nice ladies.
  7. buying, selling, or trading on tpf is not allowed.
  8. Gorgeous collections everyone!

    I will take a pic of my small collection later in the afternoon to post.
  9. Here comes my beloved B-family:love:
    balfamilie 004.jpg
  10. Gorgeous Collection everyone! I'm just starting my collection and only have two bbags but i'll post a picture later anyways.

    by the way Redcoral, I can't see your pictures.When I click on the pictures they don't enlarge.Anyone else having the same problem or is it just me ?
  11. ^^ Same thing happens to me too.

    Okay, here's my tiny little family.:shame:

    Picture 035.jpg

    Picture 037.jpg

    I'm hoping the Spring colours will inspire me to buy again. Assuming I have any money, ever again.:hysteric:
  12. Here is mine. :yahoo::wlae::girlsigh:
  13. gorgeous bags everyone!!

  14. looovely how come it doesnt let me get the pictures enlarged?
  15. Everyone's "family" looks great!!! Mine is so small I don't even think it's worth documenting!
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