PLEASE show me where do you put your bag

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  1. hi ladies..

    as you know i love shoppng...therefore i have more than 20 bag right now..
    and now...i face a hard to organize them and give them a sweet home...

    please give me some do you organize your put them into dust bag? put them in closet?...etc etc...
    i hope you can post some picture if you can...

    i am thinking about getting a newshelf for them..i really hope to get one with glass..just like the display in department store, but i am still a student..i dont have that much money for it..:crybaby: (most of my money goes to the purchasing:lol: )

    thanks a lot for your suggestion and photo..
    very appreciate for your helping...:love:
  2. I put my bags in NAP boxes and stick photos on the boxes, to identify them. It's not ideal, though, as you have to move the top boxes to get to the ones lower down.

    Large drawers would be better, really. :yes:

    The only problem with glass, is that, unless you have thick curtains and keep them permanently closed, your bags will fade in the daylight.

    The Holding Company have some good storage solutions:

    The Holding Company

    ETA: I think The Holding Company only deliver within the UK. To find somewhere in the Sates, try Googling 'storage solutions'.
  3. BTW, are you living at home, or renting somewhere?

    If you're renting somewhere, it might be a better idea to buy boxes that you can take with you when you leave. :yes:
  4. I rent the aparment which near my school...
    i might stay here for at least 2 more years.
    but thanks for the tips, chloehandbags:P
    i will google it, and see if i could get something good....
    and thanks for let me know that glass closet is not a good choice.
    i didnt know that...the sun light problem...thats a good point:wlae:

    i do have a walk in closet, but i dont like to put my bag inside..since the top shelf is too high for me to get my bag..
    and i always change my bag every day....:angel:

    any pics anyone....still need some help :shrugs:
  5. All my bags are kept in the original boxes and in the dustbags, they are resting on the corner of a sofa-bed in my very small 3rd bedroom.

    If i had a bigger house, i'd build proper storage for them!:yes:

    But for now, they're pretty safe in there, if a little cramped:smile:

    I do have lots of shoe and boot clear storage boxes that i bought from

    The boot boxes are long enough to put knee high boots in and they are about 5 inches deep. Threy sit easily on top of each other too, so you don't have to move the boxes out each time you want something.

    They might be useful storage for some of your bags...?:flowers:
  6. I have all my accessories and bags on bookshelves in my dressing room. I have to buy more bookshelves though as my collection continues to grow.

    here's some pics:

  7. OMG D&G!! I love your 'closet'!! And your spy! and your python! and and and :yes::heart::love:
  8. PS. I have a little two drawer cubby in my dresser and most of my bags fit in there. The Chloe's however all get stuffed, baged and stacked on my dresser as overflow space. Not ideal!!
  9. D&G I love your dressing room and especially the bags sitting there..!!:tender:

    Honestly I have a storage problem as our appartment is way too small for me and my BF, I cant fit all my bags and shoes to my closet so I have shoeboxes on the floor on our bedroom and paddys sitting on top of them in their dustbags, just horrible.... I want a house with own bigger room for all my treasures, ooo that would be so perfect :girlsigh:
  10. ^^^^ Thanks HMWE and Sonja, this is my favorite room in my apartment. It's dark so it doesn't absorb sunlight and it's climate controlled :shame:
  11. thanks for the great advice:yes: ...
    D&G i love your book shelf idea :flowers: ...i am just i need to put my bag into dust bag? thats how i did could protect the bag, but its not pretty:hysteric:
  12. D&G me and my paddys are totally envying your dressing room..!! :amuse: