Please show me ur vintage ligne lining.

  1. Hi ladies, i just prchased a Vintage ligne tote. it has a plain black lining.

    can u show me ur linging?

    is it plain white, black or brown? or it has chanel letter al over it?

    thank u so much.:love:

    also, how do u like this tote so far?
  2. mine has plain black....
  3. thank u so much me_love_purse:love:

    so does this tote comes different size?

    i just do some researdch on this and it seems it has to different size?
    one is E/W and one it N/E ??!

    mine is 16X11 so which one is mine belong to?
  4. E/W is wide from side to side. N/S is long from top to bottom.

    What color did you get? Do you have a photo??
  5. here's mine, i just purchased from eBay.

    if anyone could let know the retail on this bag? thanks:rolleyes:
  6. ^phoebe_0526, congrats on your new bag! the retail on this is $1995.
  7. Thank u Jennifer :p

  8. I love that bag phoebe... mind if i ask you how much u paid?
  9. The '05 had chanel imprinted in a black lining (sort of black on black) and the '06 rerelease has just a plain black lining.
  10. ohh congratz on that bag! Its beautiful!! :love::love: I saw that auction and was so tempted to get it.. But it did not come with dust bag or card. :sad: I'm picky.. hehe
  11. Thank u for answer my questions;)

    i was kinda scared since theres no cards and boxs.
    but i did ask the expert on TPF. they all gice me a positive answer, then i go for it. i will post more pics when i received. thanks again.

    Since it's a display item, and no one used it before, i think even there's no dustbag, it still seems okay for me.:yahoo:
  12. My choco brown one has dark brown almost black lining. The lining should be monochromatic fabric that matches the leather.