Please show me the difference between mastic and sandstone?

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between these two colours? I seriously cannot tell!?
    I am trying to decide what colour i want for a present from my bf, and i am loving the lighter colours!

    I am confused because it seems sandstone is more popular and on websites it is more expensive than mastic?:confused1:

    Thanks everyone! Pics would be great!

  2. I can't locate the threads and pics myself, but I remember hgbags posted comparison pics of Sandstone and Mastic. They're very, very close, but Sandstone is taupey and Mastic is slightly yellowish/golden. I think the thread was called: "Underwhelmed" or something about FW07 colors...

    Also, powder posted comparison pics of all of her neutral bags which showed the difference between Sandstone and Mastic. Sorry, I don't remember what thread that was.

    Can someone else who remembers about these help??
  3. Here is a great comparison shot courtesy of powderpuff's amazing collection!
  4. Thanks ladies! I should really try and find threads!

    They are very similar! I don't know which one I prefer! Im thinking both will look fantastic with GGH!
  5. ^^ i agree, both are GORGEOUS with the GH. You can hardly tell the difference!

    both are great choices!