Please share your vintage bags pictures

  1. Please share the pictures of your vintage bags, it can be designer or non designer bags. I love seeing some vintage bags style.
    I am sure some of you not only have high end designer bags but also have vintage bags pass down from mom or grand mother..

    I would like to share my vintage bag to everyone. I bought it from Ebay for less that $40 !!!:yahoo:
    It's genuine cobra snake skin made by Ciro Cobra Tokyo. The bag comes with matching mirror and compact powder.
    The bag is well preserve and much prettier in person.

    I apologize if it will upset some of you who against snake skin material for a bag..I am sorry it's so pretty..:shame:
    DSC04722a.JPG DSC04721a.JPG
  2. This is my vintage Gucci I purchased on ebay. I don't know how old it is but the wallet style is ancient. There's just something cool about owning something vintage.
  3. ^^Very pretty.
  4. the wallet on the inside!
  5. Bags-That is a knock-out bag! Stunning !!
  6. two completely non-designer ones but i love them! i bought the big one because it reminded me of moomin mamma :shame: it's fantastic, it fits so much crap!
    IMG_1131.jpg IMG_1130.jpg
  7. Keys..I like your's like LV noe..
    It's the best deal I ever get from Ebay..

    Annanas..that clucth like new clutch from chanel..
  8. i know, i thought that was quite funny :biggrin: i have no idea who it's by, but it had some german towelettes in it when i bought it :roflmfao: so i'm guessing at least the previous owner might have some german connection :biggrin:
  9. I'm trying to get a couple of vintage Gucci's from ebay since those are really the only Gucci's I I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to post those here too. But for now, this is my only one (designer one, anyway); my mom's LV Speedy 30 from 1989/1990.
  10. these are some of my vintage bags.. i have a whole lot more. i love vintage :girlsigh: and my lv petit noe. i love that the vachetta turns so beautiful honey :yahoo:
    small_DSCN1182.jpg DSCN1291.jpg
  11. Here's a vintage Fendi that my mom bought for me when I was in high school(early 90s--92, I think?). I don't remember the name of this style, though. Sadly, I ripped the lining when I was younger.:sad:
    Fendi inside.jpg Fendi.jpg
  12. I love vintage bags. Mine are mostly from the 50s/60s.

    The designer of the first blue purse is "Meyers", the others I don't know.
    Blue Meyers purse.jpg Blue Wicker Purse.jpg Two Vintage Purses.jpg
  13. The first one looks alot like the Chanel Reissue!:flowers:
  14. That's what I thought when I first saw it too. I got so excited because I thought I had stumbled upon a vintage Chanel! Turns out the bag is inspired by Chanel.

  15. I though the same thing too..look brand new...

    Lovely bags ladies..keep them coming !!