Please share your thoughts on the Mizi Vienna in Aubergine

  1. Is this a hard color to wear (purple)?

    The purple is so deep that it almost looks black. But is it worth it to pay so much $$ for a bag that is not neutral?

    it is very elegant looking in my opinion....but would it be easy to wear with lots of things?

    Please share your thoughts...


  2. Also in this pic is she wearing the black one or the purple one? Its soo hard to tell. I thought it was purple but others say black:shrugs:
  3. i don't think this bag would be difficult to wear as it is predominanlty black. plus aubergine is a stunning accent colour especially if you wear lots of black, grey and pale/dusty pinks. imo, this is one of the all-time best bags LV has ever made. go for it!
  4. Hi!

    I think the color is deep and dark enough that it almost becomes a neutral.
    Stunning bag! :love: And, I think I would like it more in this color than the black as it's more unique......get it!:graucho: :drool:
  5. The dark aubergine color gives it something special.
    stunning bag!!!
  6. Forgot to post the Duff pic. Which color is she wearing?

  7. get it!
    i didnt even KNOW that it was purple!
  8. Aubergine... This color is stunning and is so dark it can go neutral. As you can see from Duff's which you provided.

  9. this bag is gorgeous and will go with lots of stuff. go for it.
  10. i'm pretty sure duff's is black. i've seen it on many occassions and it looks just like mine. let-trade's is purple but because of the lighting it looks black. the purple is actually purple on the botton(the lambskin) and black at the top(the grainy leather)
    [​IMG]this is my black

    [​IMG]this is a pic of someone's purple
  11. Oooh I love that bag!! I was drooling on it while looking at let-trade the other day :drool: It's gorgeous and I agree with the others that it's a dark aubergine, almost black, and can be used as a neutral. It's not a bright purple. Go for it!!:nuts:
  12. I love that color!! You have to look closely to tell it's not could wear it with anything! I wish I could afford it! :drool:
  13. I think the bag looks beautiful!! It's so dark even with the purple color that it's still neutral. It's really gorgeous!!!
  14. I just LOVE that or purple!
  15. I love this bag, I rarely see this color on sale. I don't think you will have a problem to match with your outfits..Go get it..