Please share your May happy scores here : )

  1. Here's my little contribution: 17S Chevron Rectangular Mini in Green Caviar :biggrin:

    I am happy and content with my humble collection of minis.:angel::P:heart:

    Thanks for letting me share :flowers::flowers:
    CF5E9345-8D79-4946-AA93-BCC48D9210C4.jpg 38A2C8A8-249E-4B59-A762-909B16519FFD.jpg
  2. All gorgeous!
  3. OMG!!! Did you get the green from the boutique? I bought mine at the boutique just yesterday but have not received it yet. I love the green color in your group shot! It does look lighter than the first photo. Do you think the color IRL is closer to the first or second picture? I am so excited to see it here! I can't wait to get mine. should arrive Tuesday!

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  4. Amazing collection
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  5. Thank you for your nice compliments!:P:heart:
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  6. Hi! The first pic was taken at nighttime and the group photo was taken under natural daylight. I'd say that the actual colour is more Kelly green.

    I have been waiting for a nice green caviar mini with SHW for 4 years ( there was one in 2015 or 2016 but with RHW ). I was a bit hesitant about the 17S shiny caviar tiny grains as I prefer minis in the old normal caviar. But this green colour was too pretty to pass. :P

    Hope you will love yours. Can't wait to see your reveal! :nuts::nuts:
  7. The blue square mini in the group photo is from 16S, the caviar of which is very different from the 17S'. I personally love the 16S caviar more. And yes, I got my green mini from our Canadian boutique.
  8. Absolutely amazing collection of minis!❤️Congrats on your latest addition snowing may! May I ask which you prefer, square or rectangular mini? And we're twins on the 17s beige mini!
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  9. :yahoo::girlsigh:Holy WOWZER, that green is drop dead GORGEOUS!! Such a phenomenal mini family, you lucky gal...thanks for sharing snowing may! :love::loveeyes::tup:
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  10. Hi dear twinning!:flowers::flowers: Congrats on your new minis too! The red and the blue are TDF!:heart:
    I love rectangular more than square. But square mini is very cute!
  11. Oh dear Kendie, you are the sweetest as always!:heart::heart: I adore your beautiful collection too, especially that rare chevron WOC! :nuts::nuts:
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  12. May contribution (it's not a bag though!). My classic beige/black ballerina's are finally here, after 6 weeks waiting! My usual size 39 was too big for me, so I had to order 38,5 (and even these are spacious). Thank you for letting me share my third pair in 3 months!!! But Now I am done with shoes!
  13. Congrats, snowing may!!! Love the green mini and your mini collection is TDF!!!
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  14. Here are my contributions so far! I also just ordered a So Black Crumpled Calfskin M/L classic flap that I'm super excited for! Thanks for letting me share.

    - So Black boy in size small
    - Black Chevron Caviar Rectangular Mini SHW
    - Purple flap card holder.

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  15. Love all your minis!
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