Please share your lockets

  1. I adore lockets. I think there is something timeless about a beautiful locket. I've been looking for a new locket and I'm currently considering the Tiffany oval locket in silver but I'm undecided. I'd love to see more lockets, in any style, by any brand, modern or vintage, please share. Thank you!
  2. Oh items very dear to me as well! I'll go dig out my locket collection and polish them up so I won't get bad pictures of them. lol :p
  3. this is a Tiffany Key Locket my boyfriend had bought me in 2009 as he started college in Hawaii.. Its been four years and he's almost done and we're still going strong! 4 years of long distance conquered by commitment, loyalty, faith, and communication!
  4. i personally love Tiffany's so i'd go with their oval locket.. the only issue i have tho.. and maybe i can give you a heads up is: the plastic that comes with the locket that go over your pictures can be tough to take out and put back in.. i actually had to cut it into a smaller hearts for easier installation.. and when i changed out my pictures, i actually had to bend the plastic. but, that was four years ago.. maybe they made it better. just wanted to give you a heads up.. and maybe when you make your final decision.. thats something you can look at at the counter.
  5. Here's my one and only locket, a gift from my boyfriend, it's super tiny:


    How it opens:


    Sorry about the picture quality, they were taken with my iphone...

    It's a lovely locket, I don't wear it that often though.
  6. I just realized most of my collection is from the UK. lol There was a store that over 10 years ago used to have the most beautiful lockets and so unique. I was obsessed with their pieces. I'll start off with those. Sorry to be so picture heavy. :p


    Top Row: Floral square locket with seed pearls; two basic lockets I got as aa gift

    Second Row: Locket with two doves and amber drop; Welsh gold fairy heart locket; Oval locket with seed pearls and amethyst

    Third Row: Replica of a historical locket inscribed: "However much you love me, my loe for you will always be greater."; Not exactly a locket, but it opens! :-P A "Faberge" replica pendant with ladybug inside

    Bottom Row: Celtic heart design locket; Oval floral locket with garnets which has a top part that opens and is inscribed: "My true love hath my heart and I have his."

    I love the details in the lockets but I couldn't get them to fit in the photo without the picture being huge. lol
  7. This is super sweet! U have such lovely pieces :smile:
  8. ^ Wow. These are just beautiful. Its very inspiring!
  9. I'm in love! I love antique lockets!:love::cloud9:
  10. Wow, these are beautiful and so interesting! I've never seen anything like them.
  11. This is my locket. My MIL gave it to me in the hospital after the birth of my first child. It contains photos of my two children as babies. The locket itself is 14K, but I'm not sure about the chain. I'm not sure where she got it or if it was originally hers. She has been known to frequently give gifts that she purchased at garage sales. Lol. I do like it though.
  12. Thank you to everyone for sharing! There are some wonderful lockets and lovely stories behind them.

    I went to Tiffany last week and was going to purchase the oval locket but sadly the one they had in stock had been used on display and was looking very tired :sad: so I decided against it. I'm considering ordering it online or waiting until I'm next visiting London to buy it then.
  13. What a wonderful gift from your boyfriend! Thank you, I had wondered about that. I don't think they have changed it, the plastic does look very small and fiddly. I do have photos in mind that I'd like to use so hopefully I won't need to take the plastic in and out too often.
  14. Michael Bondanza 18kt/diamond of my favorite pieces of jewelry!
    Bondanza locket.JPG
  15. I have a sterling silver one from Monica Rich Kosann's collection. She makes divine lockets modeled after vintage designs that run all price points. I have some fun costume vintage ones in my collection too but I reach for this one more.