Please share your experience with Vache Liegee

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  1. I am curious about your thoughts on this, dislike? why?
  2. oh no- are you on the prowl again? :graucho:
  3. Rocherchic - I'm curious about this mother just picked up a gold VL 37cm Bolide and it is stunning! the SA explained it wears very well, but I've heard mixed messages about that...
  4. ALWAYS!!:p
  5. Do you like the texture and feel of the VL?
  6. from the Hermes reference thread on leathers:


    An adult cowhide, this is a natural grained leather. It has been stated on this forum that the leather is stretched in 8 different directions. Apparently this process gives the leather its rigidity, which is why its touted as being as durable as box. The two-tone effect is a result of a 2 dye process. The grain makes this leather scratch resistant, but care must be taken in avoiding deep scratches. The 2 tone effect will be difficult to regain with deep scratches.

    My Kelly is gold Vache Liegee and glows in some light and looks a bit matte in others, it's definitely not a matte sort of leather like togo or clemence, the grain is lovely, smaller and more 'textured' than togo imo. My SA said not to be afraid of using the Kelly, don't be too precious with her, and she will develop a great patina. VL is one of the new leathers, meant to be really hard-wearing too. It's quite a rigid leather but not too stiff, definitely stiffer than togo, but it does have some give to it too, I think it will soften a little over time but I doubt it will slouch in any way; I've only had the Kelly since about December and she look s brand new, not a mark on her, we've had a few encounters with rain too, just wipes off, no marks or anything. The leather smells devine too and it's very tactile, I often get her out just to stroke her and sniff her.

    I need to take some close up pics to show you but here are some from other postings: (I saw a Kelly in black VL the other day - that was stunning too but in gold, it looks just gorgeous, the gold is a much lighter shade in VL than in togo or clemence)



    hermessalejan07.jpg kellyandplisse.jpg hermessalejan07_2.jpg
  7. Rockchic,
    I own a VL black birkin and am very happy with it. Now, that being said, my experience is very limited as its my ONLY birkin and I've only had it about six months. It seems stiff, but I kind of like that for this bag, because I can be kind of rough on my bags. I expect my VL to hold up nicely to my abuses! There is no "squishyness" and doubt there ever will be. My next birkin will probably by softer just for the variety.
    I hope this helps, and if I can provide any photos or something let me know. I can ALMOST post photo's with out "teenager tech support' now! I am so proud!
  8. sellmysoul - I'd love to see a Birkin in VL, I've never seen one, only a Kelly, please post a pic, thanks
  9. Thanks so much sellmysoul and allaboutnice. It is so great to get the users perspective. Sellmysoul please post your beauty if you can! I couldn't post pix until I became part of this forum and another nice pfer walked me through!
  10. Rockerchic - I liked it a lot, but it is very different from my Gold Togo (on a 35 birkin)...much stiffer/structured and not as "thick" if that makes any sense, and also, as others have said, much lighter/brighter in color. I'm trying to plan my next Birkin purchase (something black with ruthenium) and while I had originally desired Chevre, I wouldn't mind something more durable, if VL is indeed "tougher" than Chevre. I like the semi-gloss effect....I just hope it is very durable because I am quite tough on my bags (even togo!). I wonder how black works in VL? sorry to ramble....:shame:
  11. Hehehe...have absolutely no experience with VL, but am living vicariously...can't wait to see what comes home to you next!!! : )
  12. I am waiting for a 37 Black Togo Bolide. My SA requested a transfer from another store. However, when it arrived it was the 37 Black Bolide in the VL leather. It was very beautiful. I wanted to Togo for its softness. The VL is very stiff and seemed to have more of a dry or matt finish.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Eight months ago, I was offered a VL 30cm Birkin in gold w/gold HW by my "East Coast" SA. At the time I had no idea what it looked like and the description that I was given, in retrospect, was so off the mark from reality. Too bad this info was not on the thread at that time! I passed and waited for my Birkin in gold togo, which I am very happy with. I think what amazes me the most is that the SA was so wrong in everything he told me! You guys all ROCK when it comes to information. I think the game plan, like RC, is the right one. Ask your friends who actually have the bag or leather. Make your decision and then find the bag. DO NOT depend completely on opinion of SA!

    As LaVan would say, "That's all.";)
  14. PS, Allabout, your bag is so beautiful!
  15. PERSONALLY, I don't love this leather as much as others. It does keep it's shape but I much prefer Box, Chamonix and Chevre for more rigid leather options.
    I just don't care for the "hand" of the leather and it's feel.
    I've heard it will last like box does but this leather comes with a premium.
    Only YOU will know if you love it!!