Please share your everyday Chanel bag

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  1. Since most of us are home due to the current circumstances, I was thinking why don’t we share our everyday Chanel bags and the wear and tear they might have. Tbh, I just want to see some eye candies hehe :biggrin: I’ll share mine first. I’ve been using the cobalt blue crumpled calfskin square mini with black hw for 2 months (except for a few days I switched to different bags) I think the crumpled calfskin is quite underrated. This bag got caught in a light shower and 2 down pours but nothing has happened to the leather. No scratches on the hw. I did look REALLY hard but couldn’t find any hairline scratches on the cc turn lock either :hrmm:. I did find 2 mall chips on the top left edge of the flap. However it doesn’t bother me or take the joy out of using the bag. I’m the type that rather use my bag than having it sitting prettily on the shelf. I don’t baby my bags, but I’m not rough with them either. The point of this post is not to feel bad about the imperfections you might have on your bag but rather, to proudly show the love you have by using it. Yes, you might have caused the scratches or the chips in the leather, but who cares. At the end of the day, you were that one that paid for it and who can tell you how to use it, right? Cheers :drinks: 48911700-4D33-4AAA-8D1C-1455ED8B2AA8.jpeg
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    I love my minis (to death) and wont part with any but i have to say I’m quite smitten with the new Chanel 19 in lambskin. I wasn’t a fan of it at all when it came out but still it piqued my curiosity. I went on the clubhouse to ogle over everyone’s pics of it for some reason i was intrigued even though i said i didn’t want one . I have nowhere to try on bags here in my city so it hard to know what to choose esp in a new style. I was lucky to meet up with someone where i live to see it person about a month ago and i just loved it! I went to pet it i couldn’t believe how buttery soft she is. So low and behold i have one of my own and it’s so chic and modern and easy to wear which is a must for me. (Back to why i love minis). Anyway Thanks for letting me share!!! Cheer’s to a new friendship with you all since I’ll be home for the next 6 weeks due to the corona virus restrictions. I’m a barber with my own business so my clients will all be hippies when i see them again ! Here’s 2 good Health ladies and gentlemen!! :drinks: 3F66E302-854D-461D-9BA1-F8CA1D4E253B.jpeg
  3. Mommy bag!

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  4. My new caviar jumbo classic flap (purchased a few months ago). ❤️The caviar will be great for daily wear. Now I am wanting to get a 227 reissue as well because I carry so much stuff and the reissue is lighter than the classic flap.
    Thanks for letting me share
    Stay healthy and safe out there!

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  5. Congratulations on scoring this bag :panic:. Lambskin is soft and luxurious. I’m not brave enough to wear my lambskin bag daily. How’s the wear and tear so far?
    Oh my, this bag is soooo pretty. I love the combination you have. I’m not a tote bag girl. But if I need to get one when I go out with my kids, I’d get the same one as yours. Is this a dark navy?
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  6. All of mine are everyday bags. Lol! :biggrin:

    Love the eye candy.
  7. Lol :facepalm: I forgot to add, ones that you wear at least 5 days a week :blush:
  8. Thank you!! It's actually black with silver specks of glitter woven in haha.
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  9. Ohhh:nuts: that’s even better. Every women need glitter :graucho: Can you capture the silver specks with the camera?
  10. Haha! Here's a close-up

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  11. This is gorgeous, I'm thinking of it too as a Mammy bag, how are you finding it? What height are u?
  12. It's a really nice bag to have on days you need to lug a ton of things. the fabric on it is really forgiving and hides any dirt!! It still looks brand new after tossing it around everywhere.

    I'm 5'2" :smile:
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  13. That’s gorgeous. Uhm I think I might need it :graucho: hahaha
  14. Omg it’s so awesome! It’s not like classic flap lambskin this one is coated with something they applied on the leather. I get it caught in the rain and it’s fine wipes right off. It’s so luxe! I hope it becomes a classic style it’s like the boy to me but on the feminine side...
  15. My chevron lambskin jumbo. It’s perfect for me and it’s been almost a year!