Please share your BEST or WORST experiences at LV boutiques

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  1. Just wondering if you would like to share experiences on your LV purchases at boutiques, LV at Saks or Lv at Neimans or whichever is in your area.

    :yahoo: Positive or negative :crybaby: please. I thought this would be an intresting topic to discuss since we all frequently purchase from them.
  2. Let's start with my best experience...My NOW favorite SA just took her time with me and showed me bags that she thought i'd like, eventhough it was packed. She wasn't in a rush and was not pushy at all. She gave me her honest opinion. Even offered me a drink! She packed my purchases all up and wrapped it and gave me boxes. Now, i believe all SAs should be like that, specially after spending a lot of $ there. :party:

    My worst was when one of the SAs had no facial expressions except for extremely rude faces as if she was "bothered" and after inquiring about the new launch , she didn't even know of the new items coming out! :yucky:
  3. worst.

    When I went inside the Toronto store, the security immediately started following me! Everywhere I went, he was right behind me. I was looking at the shoes and he was standing right behind my shoulder.. I felt so uncomfortable that I just left.
  4. One of my best experiences was at the LV in Bal Harbour, FL. I was on a vacation with my girlfriends in South Beach, it started to rain, so we headed for the mall. Even though we were in casual clothes (and wet hair from the downpour) the SAs were incredibly nice and very helpful. I purchased 2 things that day! I've had good experiences at the LV counter at Macy's in NYC, also. The SA paid genuine attention to me. Not the kind of attention where they track you from counter to counter trying to talk you into buying everything you see, showering you with bull$h!t ...and not the kind of attention where they track you like you're about to steal something. The SA was very helpful and paid me sincere compliments. I bought stuff from him as well! Too bad he's no longer working there.

    My worst experience was at the LV in Denver at Cherry Creek. Every time I've been in that store, I've been ignored, stalked (pushy sales tactics,) patronized, or lied to by uninformed novice SA's with chips on their shoulders who are uneducated about their products and too lazy to bother looking in the book for what I need. For example, right before the Fringe MC bags were out on the market, I asked an SA at that store if they were planning to get any in stock for customers on their waitlists. The SA told me there was no such thing as a multicolore fringe bag made by LV. I advised that I saw it on from the LV Runway show, and a few of my friends were on wait lists at various global stores. She said, "whatever you saw on the internet was definitely fake and we don't tolerate that here." My jaw dropped, then I laughed, then I shook my head and walked away.
  5. :censor: OMG farmer_1 that is horrible!!! No one should be stalked like that! :yucky:
  6. worst today, I asked between two bags which one she (the SA)preferred and she said one and I asked "I'm curious why" and she got offended and said "why do you ask why, you asked and I answered." That was rude and then I turned and asked my husband which one he preferred and he picked one and I asked him "why" and she said "why, why, don't ask why!" I was shocked! That was pretty bold, of course I want to know why my husband would pick one over the other.
  7. Oh, I had another poor experience at the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall LV boutique. There were virtually no customers in the store, and I couldn't get an SA to acknowledge me. They had no reason to ignore me. I was dressed very nicely, carrying a framboise bedford. But even if I wasn't dressed up, they still should have been paying more attention to their clients. Finally, I got so frustrated that I let out an audible sign of dissatisfaction and turned to walk away. Only then did an SA rush over to me. She didn't know much about LV...she didn't know what I meant when I asked to see all the multicolore Trouvilles to make sure the front color patterns didn't repeat (at that time, I wanted a trouville with one of each color line on the front.) She didn't understand that request or why I would want such a thing...ugh. They didn't get any business from me.
  8. i always have good experiences whenever i step into an LV bouitque (can't say the same for Gucci or Hermes sometimes). the worst experience at LV i can think of is when they don't have what i've come for available. :Push:
  9. Well I don't get to the LV store a lot but I'm pleased to say that I only have good experiences.My best experience would be at the LV store in Sydney. It was raining so I looked a bit be-raggled but the SA was so lovely, showed me everything I wanted very patiently, gave me a set of beautiful glossy colour prints of the fringe and quilted linda items and was just so helpful and pleasant.
    When I got home I sent her a postcard thanking her and she even sent me a Louis Vuitton postcard back!
    :heart: the Sydney LV store.
  10. spylove22...that was a rude SA!!! isn't that what they're paid to do is to accomodate customers.
  11. I always have good experience because I don't go into the boutiques :P I order through 866-VUITTON, and eluxury.
  12. daniellejp, i recently called the LV vegas boutique to see if they had a specific item there because the 866 # said they would have it and when they answered the phone, one of their SAs was very rude and i didn't wanna deal with her so I just said thanks and hung up!
  13. :flowers: So far, the 866... sas have been helpful to me and they do give out correct information
  14. I'm with you... the 866 # has been my best experience with a customer service person named Jasmine. She helped me right away get a Panda Cles ( or the keychain as I call it :love: ) and was SO sweet. I had called the Maui Hawaii LV store and they were no help and slightly rude, like I was bothering them. Same goes for the Scottsdale Az store, I asked the SA about the keychain and he said "It's Sold Out" like I should have known and was a pain to even have called them! :rant:

    I don't want the store experience, I just need the 866 #, elux or my FABULOUS PF'ers helping me with an ebay purchase :love: :flowers:
  15. My worst experience shopping at LV stores in NYC was at Bloomingdale's and it happened twice ! Both times, two different men with a pretentious French accent turned up their noses at me. The first time, it was because I did not buy anything, just browsing and oh what a crime! The second time happened when I tried to authenticate my Cerises Cles, (which happened to be authentic by the way). He checked every single detail, hoping to tell me it was a fake, but it wasn't. I was able to walk away with a huge grin on my face. Since then I only go to the Flagship store, Soho or Macy's.