Please share your bags in the NEWEST colors!

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  1. I am dying to see BLeu Abyss in box and Rouge Venetien in chevre!
  2. Not just to see!! I am hoping for a bag in BLeu Abysse ;)
  3. that's the spirit!
  4. I think someone posted a Bleu Abysse Birkin in the H Reference Library under Blue colours. It's a very pretty and rich colour. Very nice with PHW. I wonder if it will look nice with GHW, maybe not.
  5. [​IMG]
    Here's ngbirkin's Bleu abysse 30 clemence , hope she doesn't mind me posting this beautiful picture of her birkin here~ It was posted in the Reference Library as ShopGirl647 pointed out!
  6. :smile: very good - another hint for nosy little me. :graucho:
  7. ^ Great color! :smile: