Please send your well wishes and Prayers.....

  1. To my very best friend Carolyn. She is batteling stage 4 breast cancer and is going in tomorrow for her second mastectomy:sad: , and finding how if her cancer has spread.:sweatdrop: She is here with me right now so all of your thought would be so appreciated. Thank you girls!;)
  2. Oh, I am sorry to hear this. I hope everything goes well for her and will keep her in my prayers.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about this! I know exactly how you feel because my dad is battling advanced prostate cancer and is undergoing chemo! :crybaby:

    I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes.
  4. You both have my prayers!
  5. i'm sorry to hear this. my prayers goes to you and your friend.
  6. Tell her to hang in there!!! She will be fine!! I'm sure she is being well cared for, and with all of your support, she will have a faster recovery...your mental situation has a lot to do with how you are feeling physically.

    She has my support, and many, many hugs to you both!!! You are such a great friend!!!
  7. my very best to you and carolyn. keep us posted on how she's doing.
  8. My prayers go out to you both. Tell her to be positive, think positive results, and always hope for the best.
  9. That must be so tough, she has my support and I'll be thinking of her! *hugs*
  10. I'm sorry, you both have my prayers.
  11. Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes! Carolyn is in surgery as we speak. I will be visiting her this afternoon and keep you posted.
  12. I am thinking of you and your friend. I went through that w/ one of my best friends years ago.
  13. I just returned home from the hospital. The surgery went as well as to be accepted. The Docter did say her breast was full of cancer and he tried his best to get all he could but we will not find out if she is terminal for another few days. I will keep you updated.
  14. I have sent up a prayer...God bless!! :angel:
  15. Kimmie, I'm late to this serious thread--my prayers for Carolyn are being said and sent. My mom had breast cancer and my sister and I hope if it comes to our lives, we catch it early. We never know.

    Send your friend our love.